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Last Updated: October 29, 2022

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Complete Challenges Hints

In Grid Legends, there are objectives that need to be completed to unlock items. The challenges are spread throughout the game and can be relatively difficult but completing them is often rewarding. You can unlock items such as new race tracks and cars, as mentioned in the unlockables section.

Don’t overlook objectives to carry on with your career. Complete objectives when they come around to fully unlock all aspects of the game.

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Cheat Engine Cheats

Grid legends is an epic, action-packed game! Unfortunately, the Grid Legends Platform does not allow for cheats. You can, however, use a trainer for cheats in the game. There are a few trainers you can choose from. Most of them have a different number of cheats.

We would suggest you take a look at Plitch or Wemod. Wemod doesn’t give as many cheats as Plitch. Plitch offers you 11 Cheats where as Wemod only offers 3. The cheats you can access with Plitch are:

  • Prepare
  • Player max 3rd gear
  • Player max 4th gear
  • Player max 5th gear
  • Buy cars for free
  • Add money
  • AI max 1st gear
  • AI max 2nd gear
  • AI max 3rd gear
  • Unlimited flashbacks
  • Unlimited boost usage

The cheats from “buy cars for free” down are all premium cheats. The cheats above are free. On Wemod the three cheats are:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited flashbacks
  • Set game speed

These cheats are all free. Using a trainer is pretty simple. You would first need to have either trainer installed. Open the trainer and set your PC’s bitrate. Then search for the game, enter it, and activate the cheats when you want to.

Plitch is an all-in-one software solution to bring you cheats and trainers.


Previous Grid Legends Characters Easter Eggs

Grid Legends is riddled with easter eggs throughout its story mode. The Story starts with team Seneca losing a race and introducing the driver Yume Tanaka. As the story progresses, the Seneca team makes it to Proleague, where we are introduced to team owner Ryan Mckane and his son Nathan. 

These characters are references to the older Grid from 2019 and TOCA Race Driver Titles. Later on in the story, we find another reference to TOCA Race Driver. After winning the championship for Team Seneca, Yume and his mechanic create their own team, and a new owner takes over Ravenwest.

The owner's name is James Randall, and he claims to have a history with the McKanes. It turns out that he is the main antagonist in the original TOCA Race Driver and was apparently responsible for the death of Ryan's father.


Unlocking Cars Unlockables

With any car game, I'm sure you can guess what the unlockables are. You can unlock newer, faster, and fancier cars! There are two ways you can unlock new cars in the game. The first is by using the in-game currency. As you complete and win races, you earn money which can be used to buy cars.

To check what cars you can buy, head to the garage. You should see a price displayed next to the car. The next way you can unlock new cars is by completing objectives, especially in the career mode. 

In the garage, look for a car that is locked. Look for ‘unlock objective’ and complete the objective to unlock the car. Certain tracks can also be unlocked when you finish objectives.


Play around with the Race Creator Hints

Race creator is an epic mode in the game that allows you to create your own race. You can completely customize everything about your race. Its type, track, difficulty, conditions, class, and how many competitors you want.

This is really helpful in understanding what makes a good track and how to race it. You also have the benefit of having different tracks to practice on if you find yourself bored with the stock tracks.


Customize Controls Hints

Whether you are playing on a PC, Play Station, or Xbox, you should customize your controls to make using them easier for you. This increases your reaction time and efficiency while racing. For example, on a PC, you don’t want the controls spread out too much.

Change your most important controls to be within clicking distance from each other. If you are using ‘W’ for acceleration, make the brake space bar as your thumb basically rests on it.


Teammate and Mechanic Skill Upgrades Hints

Through the game, you are going to rely on your Teammate and Mechanic to help boost your performance. That is why we suggest you give significant attention to developing the skills of these characters.

You can upgrade their skills through the main menu. Upgrading them will cost money in the game, but it is necessary to get the most out of your car and events.


Activate Assists Hints

If you are new to the game and are still familiarizing yourself with the controls and gameplay, switch on assists. Using assists will make steering the car easier, especially when it comes to tight bends. 

You can set the level of assistance you need as well. Start with an assist on 5 and gradually move off of it as you gain confidence. You can also use assist now and then if you come to a level that is very difficult.


Explore Game Modes Hints

Grid legends have a few game modes you can explore. To get the best experience playing the game, try different modes. You can play career mode, story mode, and multiplayer/social mode.

Career mode is where you will progress in the game, unlock new cars and improve your skill level. Story mode will give you a deeper dive into the game, allowing you to be a part of a race team, bond with characters, and experience the game better.

Multiplayer or social mode is for having a great time with or against your friends. In Social mode, you can race against your friends online on various tracks. If you really want the most out of this game, change modes.


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