GreedFall: Gold Edition Unlockables on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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High King’s Vinbarr’s Sword


High King’s Vinbarr’s Sword can be unlocked by completing the Champion of the Arena conquest; however, you will require a level five agility skill level as well as heavy two-handed weapons to obtain this weapon or opt to hand it to another warrior in your team.

The challenge consists of five different rounds, each round with an enemy more difficult to defeat. If the enemy is too challenging, you can choose to come back to the quest at a later stage once you have gained more experience. On completion of a round, you will earn XP as well as your health will be restored for free. In the last round, you will face off with a mini-boss, Nadaig Meinemen.

This sword is one of the strongest to start out your game with, Here are some other items to gather early in the gam

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