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Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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Companions and who to choose



There are five different companions available to you throughout the game. You are able to use 2 at the same time. 


You will meet him in the beginning of the game.

Kurt is able to use any weapon but prefers 2 handed weapons empowering him with heavy melee damage. Kurt lasts longer than most in combat as he has access to an endurance potion enabling him to fight for longer. Kurt is also part of the coin guard; this allows you to increase your relationship with them.

Friendship talent: Craftmanship


Met during “A cure for Melichor” quest.

Vasco is able to use a poison coating on his weapon to damage an enemy over time. His special attack, ‘Secret Blade Technique' allows him to deliver a fast, powerful attack with his sword, he is also able to use guns. Vasco is a Naut which improves the relationship in dealings with his people.

Friendship talent: Intuition


Met during the ‘A cure for Malichor’ quest’.

She is considered the best companion. Siora is native to the island of Teer Fradee, allowing you to enhance the relationship with her clan and avoid many conflicts. She can also heal you and your allies and is able to use long range magic and light blades.

Friendship talent: Vigor - gives you more HP and MP as well as allowing you to get through difficult passageways requiring balance.


Met during the quest ‘Old Countries in a new world.’

Petrus is able to wear heavy armor allowing him to get very close to enemies, he is also able to use divine magic rings to fight from a distance. Shadow burst is his special attack allowing him to shoot a large magic bolt out of his hands to stagger the target.

Friendship talent: Charisma


Met during the ‘Scholars in the Expedition’ quest. Aphra uses rifles and bombs however she does not defend herself very well so she will need to be protected in battle.

Friendship talent: Science

Not sure who you should make a companion, you're not alone. See Click4Gameplays ranking of each companion in a breakdown

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