Football Manager 2023 Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Football Manager 2023
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Nov 7, 2022
  • Genres: Simulator, Sport
  • Themes: Business
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Transfer Bug


To use the transfer bug in Football Manager 2023, you first need to wait for there to be a transfer offer for one of your players. 

When the offer comes up, accept it. Adjust the transfer fee to the maximum amount, and close the settings. Then click "respond" again. Close the window shortly after. Then go to the club that made the offer and select a random player. Make an offer on that player and close the window. Then go to the envelope icon in the top left corner. Click "respond" and accept the offer. Confirm the transfer, and you would have made tons more cash on your new player if you chose the right one.

How  to  adjust  if  we  already  accept  it
Matu, 3 weeks ago - Reply
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Matu, 3 weeks ago - Reply

Unlock the Rich Benefactor Bonus


As a manager, you want your club to attract the attention of rich benefactors. To do this, your club needs to stand out among the rest. Winning all the leagues and trophies is one way to get the attention you are looking for. Say you are managing a Premier League team. You will need to win the Premier League Trophy, the FA Cup, the League Cup, and the Champions League. That will draw rich benefactors out of every corner of the soccer world.

Game Modes


When you start playing Football Manager 2023, you will be presented with five game modes to choose from. They are:

  • Career
  • Create a club
  • Online career
  • Fantasy draft
  • versus

Each mode has its own benefits. Career mode is the most popular. Here, you will manage your club as they play in leagues and championships. An online career is equally exciting, but instead of playing against the computer, you will face other players managing their own teams.

In the Create a Club mode, you can create and fully customize your club. and then use them in the offline career mode. The fantasy draft game mode is similar to creating a club mode. You don't have as much freedom to create a club, though. You have to select players from a pool and create your team from there. In the Versus mode, you can face off against other managers in a competition or championship with custom rules set by whoever is the host. There is a mode for everyone to play.

Cheat Engine


Football Manager doesn't support cheats on its platform, but you can use  a trainer to use cheats. There are loads of great trainers out there, but we would suggest you use Pitch. Here are the cheats that Plitch's trainer offers:

Free Cheats:

Prepare (activate this before using any other chats)

  • Set club balance to 0 
  • Add transfer budget (GBP)
  • St transfer budget to 0
  • Player: Right-footed
  • Player: Left-footed
  • Premium cheats (which require a subscription):
  • Perfect Squad
  • Weak Squad
  • Average Squad
  • Add club balance
  • Add wage balance
  • Set wage balance to 0
  • Player: Two-footed
  • Player: full match sharpness
  • Player: weak match sharpness
  • Player: full fitness/condition
  • Player: weak fitness/condition
  • Player: full morale
  • Player: weak morale

To use a trainer on your device, you need to first install it. Then set it to match your device's bitrate and search for the game through the trainer. Once you have found the game and entered it, you will need to activate "Prepare" before you can use any of the other cheats. 

Here’s a video to show you how to use the cheats above.

Frank Lampard Meme

Easter Eggs

If you're a soccer fan, you've probably noticed how Frank Lampard approaches his interviews. For years now, there has been a meme going around about how consistent Frank is in how he approaches a topic in a press conference. Frank will be discussing something serious, sharing something with a small laugh, and then diving straight into something serious again.

In Football Manager 2023, they do the same thing. In a certain press conference, when a player doesn't often score or pull off a goal, you as the manager will have the opportunity to comment. Your comment will follow the same style as Lambard's.

Encourage your Team


When you are finding it difficult to put the ball in the back of the net, a quick solution is to encourage your team. Sing their praises to try to lift their morale, and that might be what they need to give you that extra push to get you on the scoreboard.

Get to Know the Data Hub


Introduced in the 2022 Football Manager, the data hub I to help you make the best decision for your team in the current season and going forward. It will help you assess your team's strengths and weaknesses and any possible changes that you need to make. Get to know how to use the data hub properly, and your club will be in the top ten in no time. 

Get a Senior Affiliate


If you are managing a lower team, then it's vital that you get a senior affiliate club. When you get a senior affiliate club to partner with you, you are able to trade young, talented players with the added bonus of not having hidden costs involved. Likewise, when you become a stronger club, you can also send out youngsters for them to grow and then filter back into your team, adding strength.

The Gegenpress 4-3-3


As the manager of an up and coming team, you want to have a record of using good strategies to win matches. Lately, one of the best tactics to use is the Gegnpress 4-3-3. This formation copies Klopp's Liverpool strategy that got them recognized. Try to focus your team's formations around this as the foundation, and you can't go wrong.

Counter Attacking


Being able to turn your defense into a great counter-attacking strategy is important. If you have some world-class players on your team, you can definitely work out a good counter-attacking strategy. Use the 5-3-2 counter-attacking strategy to quickly get some points on the board.

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