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Last Updated: March 16, 2023
Far Cry 6
  • First Released: Oct 6, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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Pistola Sportiva


This weapon is not effective in dealing with adequate damage, but it is precise in handling and has a very good rapid-fire rate. The weapons Blast Round mod is very impressive and great for blasting through enemy armor, helmets, and bulletproof screens.  

Blast Rounds: can deal explosive damage within its area of effect and can be used against vehicles.

Fast Reload: Improved speed reload

Nimble Shooter: The mod enhances mobility while aiming. 

You can find the weapon in West Lado around the El Maraton field. 

Unlimited money and resources


There are a number of ways you can earn money in the game for example by killing enemies or going hunting but this will not make you rich. 

Los bandidos mini-game you give you 2000 pesos from one operation. There are some operations that do not have a pesos reward but will still give you lots of money by doing the other steps. In the mini-game, you do not have to farm for pesos.

The idea is to send out a leader and wait real-world time before you are able to give the leader commands and then get the reward. 

You can access the Los Bandidos operations in the different home bases or by the multiple hideouts that you unlock with the hideout network cam facility. You can also buy the location at the vendor and they will appear. 

An important camp facility is the Bandidos Barricks and the more you upgrade this campsite the more recruits you can gather. The recruits are next to leaders and are needed for the operations. 

You will need to meet the requirements but this will be easier for you once you have built and upgraded the Bandidoe Barricks. The Barricks will continuously receive leaders for operations and you will have to wait real-world time but you can play the game regularly while you wait. The rewards will continue even if you are not playing the game and the rewards increase over time. 

A flying foe operation 

From this operation, you will get a unique weapon trinket by simply clicking through some menus. 

The second step in the operation will give you 1100 pesos with a 100% success rate. 

The third step will give you another 1100 pesos.

JorRaptor shows you how to get unlimited money and resources.



Vehicles and Horses will be your main way to travel in through Yara. You can easily unlock more by scanning vehicles you come across in the worlds. You will need to grab your phone, wait a while until you see a green square and the next time you will get to pick up point the car will be on the list to summon. 

If someone is driving a car that you want you will need to command them to leave and then you will be able to scan the vehicle. 

The Military vehicles can not be scanned so you will need to bring the military vehicle to the car pick-up point before you can summon it. 

JorRaptor gives players 6 tips and tricks.

Cave Paintings

Easter Eggs

There are 22 caves in the land of Oros to explore and 2 types of caves the Navigational caves with very little enemies. The Navigational caves are occupied by rival tribes like Izila.

Some of the caves are occupied by tribesmen but you may be to avoid confrontation by using alternative routes. When you are exploring the cave you may also want to take a grappling claw and antidote.

There are also breakable walls, burnable thorns, icicles, brushes so you may want to be careful. You can use Hunters Vision to look for clues like arrows and footprints which will make the navigation easier. 


Yachawha Cave 
You can find this cave in the north of Big Darwa Fort and you will need to climb to reach the entrance of the cave. There will be a possibility of Udan camping outside the entrance. 

When you enter the cave look for a tunnel on the right and you will see a Sabretooth Tiger. You have 2 options you can either tame it or maim it. Then go back and keep left and across the rocky platforms.

Then you will knock down the icicles and then you can use the grappling hook to swing to the other side. Then use the grappling hook to move to the lower area. You can your Hunter vision to follow the clues. Then use your grapple again to descend to the lowest depth.

Then go to the room with the waterfall and then shatter the ice and collect the Daysha Hand.

Use the left corridor and look for the bushes. When you arrive at the bushes you will need to burn the bushes to block the path to the poison area. Then you can continue to the ledges and then burn the ice wall and you will see the painting on the inside.    

Cave of Bones
The cave is located to the far north on the west side of the wastes. The Cave will be next to the Totems of the Old Ones and is occupied by the Udam enemies and they don’t need to be fought because there pathway immediately to on the right-hand side of the entrance which you will be able to climb. 

The pathway will allow you to bypass the Udam enemies but you will need to follow the narrow ledges to the backside of the cave.

You will be able to exit the cave the same way. The main room of the cave can be entered from this pathway.

Then you can follow the north corridor and go right to the back of the cave and you will see a narrow bridge above the fire and that's where you will find the Daysha Hand. 

You will want to use the same bypass route from the entrance to get to the cave painting. Then follow the path until you reach a large room and on the right-hand side you will a few pots and the painting is the wall next to the pots.   

Cave of Sun Walkers 
The cave of Sun Walkers is part of the tribal clashes, so you might have explored it previously. The cave is occupied by Izila tribesmen, and can actually be bypassed completely by using the secondary stealth entrance found on the top of the cave on the east side.

However, it may be a little difficult to the secondary entrance for the first time. If you are more comfortable using the main entrance make sure you stay to the right side to avoid enemy contact and then continue to the large central cavern.

You will want to stay on the right side and continue moving forward. Then climb on the ledge and break the weak wall you will find there. 

At the end of the hall, you will see the Daysha Hand. Then go back to the cavern and make a right turn after going down the ledge.

You will arrive at a flooded area. Then you will want to follow the water to the north side and you will see thorns blocking a room. You can burn them down and then you will find the painting. 

You will be able to make your way back to the upper level which will also lead you to the secondary entrance.

Thorneful takes you through all the locations of the cave paintings.

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