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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Evil Dead: The Game
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: May 12, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter
  • Themes: Action, Horror, Survival, Comedy
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Ash vs. Evil Dead and The Six Million Dollar Man

Easter Eggs

There are several layers to this Easter egg. Ash claims he feels "better, stronger, faster" when he picks up certain items. This is a reference to the television show "Ash vs. Evil Dead". The arrogant hero flaunts his robotic hand while making contact with his estranged father. Then he repeats this statement.  

The Starz network's American comedy-horror television series "Ash vs. the Evil Dead" was created by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Tom Spezialy. The series is a follow-up to the original trilogy of the Evil Dead movies and is about 30 years after. 

Ash Williams is a straightforward stock boy at the "Value Stop". Pablo, his friend, and Kelly, a girl he likes, both work at the store. Since his return from 1300 AD (at the conclusion of Army of Darkness), Ash seems to have accomplished very little. At the start of the series, he's living in a trailer and going to bars by himself. However, he will soon have to give up this life and return to being a hero and fight the Evil Dead with Kelly and Pablo's help.  

This is also a tribute to Lee Majors, who portrays his father in the film. The Six Million Dollar Man is one of his most well-known performances. The intro to the show comments that science can rebuild the injured hero to make him "better, stronger, and quicker," showing that his robotic implants extend beyond his hand. 

TheRadBrad does a walkthrough of the game.

Kelly Maxwell

Easter Eggs

Ash's most intense teammate, who occasionally says, "Hello, Gorgeous," to the new weapons she gets, which is probably the same reaction players get when they get a new toy. 

In the first season, Kelly takes a machine gun when the heroes come across a quarantined military installation. She then smiles as she says, "Hello, Gorgeous." In this scene, she is hungry for vengeance, and this is possibly the best weapon for shedding Deadite blood.   

Bronson Cave

Easter Eggs

One of the many sites on the map is Bronson Cave. Although it could appear to be a random name, if you are familiar with the Evil Deaf franchise, you will remember that the Army of Darkness stars Bronson Cave. In the Army of Darkness, Bronson Cave was used as the filming site. Ash wakes up in a post-apocalyptic future in the alternate ending.  

The Bronson Cave has appeared in various films and TV series throughout the years. The most recognized is in the 1960 Batman show, where the location was used for the entrance to the Batcave. You are able to reenact the sequence with Ash's Delta. 

Unlockable Characters


There are nine playable survivors that you are able to pick from when you begin the game, and there are four additional survivors that can be unlocked by playing the single-player missions. These are : 

Ash Williams 

You will need to select the missions tab in the main menu and finish the task. "If you love someone, set them free… with a chainsaw." 

You will start the mission in the cabin and have a double-barrel shotgun and a chainsaw. Start by searching the house for ammo and supplies. On your left by the door, you'll see two matchboxes with symbols, and on your right near the basement, there will be a Shemp's Cola. 

In the green crate behind you, there will be ammo for your shotgun. Then you will find shotgun ammo in every room besides the bathroom.

Once you have finished with the house, go to the Bronson Cave. At the entrance on your right-hand side, you will see a torch and symbols that have been written on the wall that matches the symbols on the crate. On the left-hand side is a crate near a wagon that has shotgun ammo.  

A warlord elite unit will appear. We suggest that you shoot him with your shotgun, and once he dies, he will drop a Shemps Cola. Then open the supply crate and first grab the rare shotgun and then the necklace, but once you have the necklace, you will then need to grab a shovel in the Circus Cage. 

Go to the cabin and grab the amulet and Shemp's Cola that are across from each other. Then leave the cabin and go right to get the epic chainsaw that is in the middle of the ritual ground that has demons that will spawn in and fight you once you get close to the chainsaw.   

Then head to the Demonic Treehouse and fight off six deadites, then return to the Payne Manor and check for ammo and any other supplies. On the second floor, on the right-hand side, you will find the Legendary double-barrel shotgun next to the fireplace. Then across the room is the Legendary chainsaw next to a table. 

Go back to the Knowby Cabin, where you will have to fight two deadites. One is a warlord boss who uses melee combat, so use your double-barrel shotgun. Then place Linda's head on the clamp to complete the mission. 

You will see a photo of Ash cutting off his girlfriend's head with the rewards from the mission. 

Ash's stats: 

  • Defense ⅗
  • Melee weapons ⅗
  • Ranged Weapons ⅗
  • Team Assistant 3/5

Amanda Fisher 

You will need to select the missions tab in the main menu and finish the task "Kill 'Em All."   

You will start the mission on top of a hill that overlooks a barn, which you are going to run to so that you can loot it. There will be a timer throughout the mission, so be quick. Then run to the Delta parked outside the barn. Try to avoid the deadites on the road because the infestation area is far away and the Delta will break down if you run over too many deadites.   

Continue driving until you reach the railway loop, then you can park the Delta. You will then be faced with a wave of puppeteer basic units. We suggest that you kill them with one or two rifle shots. The puppeteer's basic units will explode once they have been killed, so don't get too close. 

After you have killed all of the puppeteer basic units, don't loot the railway loop, but look for a small stage in the fighting area and get the ammo. Then run back to the Delta and go to the Dead End. There is a little shack on the way; grab the ammo, melee weapons, and matchsticks that are inside.  

You will then have to kill nine demons, including the puppeteer elite unit. Once you have killed all of them, go to the Fairview Campground. You can loot the campground, but don't go to the middle. 

You will then be faced with four puppeteers once you are in the middle of the campground. One of the four will be a puppeteer boss. 

The puppeteer boss likes to teleport and shoot rocks, and if you are too close, it will shock the ground you are standing on or punch you. We suggest that you avoid close fights and instead use ranged weapons. Once you have defeated the four puppeteers, you will complete the mission. 

You will then see a picture of Ash sitting next to a couple of dead demons. 

Amanda's stats:

  • Defense 3/5
  • Melee weapons 1/5
  • Ranged weapons 5/5
  • Team Assistance 3/5

Pablo Simon Bolivar 

You will need to select the missions tab in the main menu and finish the task "It's not gonna let us go!"

You will start the mission behind a house on the outskirts of Bullard Swamp. Go inside the house and head upstairs to grab the revolver and a lever-action rifle. Then go back downstairs to get the ammo and matchsticks. Also, search for the amulet and a Shemp's Cola that are outside on the pier. 

Then use the car to go to the Fairview Campground and fight the deadites. You can use quite a bit of ammo on them or use your melee for attacks and perform executions if you get swarmed. Once you have killed a couple, two of them will drop a machete. 

After you have approached the chainsaw, use the car to go to El Brujo's Hut, but try not to run over demons because the car will break down. Once you arrive, you will have to fight a wave of five puppeteer demons. Then pick up the amulet as it will make you invisible to the deadites, but this will fade if you get too close. 

Then head to the house that is on the outskirts of the railway loop to find Ash's severed hand. Make sure you keep your distance from the deadite as you enter the house. Go inside and on the first floor, search for the rare machete. There is nothing on the second floor.    

Then grab Ash's hand inside, along with another Shemp's Cola. You'll get a cutscene telling you the hand ran off. 

You'll then be pointed towards a house in Dead End, and you'll be ambushed by a Demi-Eligos demon and one other Deadite before you can enter. We suggest a melee for dealing with the Demi-Eligos.

If you still have the car, take the main road leading to Jake's Gas 'N Go. If you don't have a car, walk on the road and avoid the woods. 

When you arrive at the station, you will see three elite puppeteer units guarding all the entrances. We suggest that you get the attention of the puppeteer in front of the main door, and the others should ignore you.   

Once you have killed the puppeteer, you will see Ash lying on the floor. You will be instructed to fill up at the Wadesboro Junkyard. When you enter, you will be reminded that the amulet makes you invisible unless you are too close. There will be a lot of demons, so we suggest avoiding fighting at the Junkyard. 

You will need to visit Shockley Auto to fill it up and another place to get a new tank. The puppeteer boss will appear when you pick up the second gas tank. Don't fight him up close because he likes to teleport and shoot rocks; rather use your ranged weapon. 

After you kill the puppeteer boss, you will meet Ash in the car at Jake's Gas 'N Go. When you enter the car, you will be told to drive away, and you will run into quite a few puppeteers while you are driving. When you reach the destination, you will complete the mission. 

You will see a picture of Pablo driving away from a horde of demons. 

Pablo's stats: 

  • Defense ⅗
  • Melee weapons ⅗
  • Ranged weapons ⅖
  • Team Assistance ⅘

Lord Arthur 

You will need to select the missions tab in the main menu and finish the task "Homecoming King."

You will start the mission at Lucky Valley Lodge. We suggest that you enter the house and start looting. In the house, there is a meat cleaver, a crossbow, an amulet, and Shemp's Cola.    

Then head to the car outside and drive to Flight 666. You will need to fight an army of Necromancer units and then collect the Kandarian Dagger. 

You will then need to go to the Knowby Cabin and find the Necronomicon. When you get into the cabin, you will find a rare lumberjack axe on the floor next to the dead body. When you pick up the axe, the body will come to life, and you will then need to kill it. 

When you grab the Necronomicon, you will need to fight off a wave of eight necromancer units. Three of them are elite units, but when you kill them you will be told that the storm is closing in on you. You will then need to head to the rift of space and time near the Frypan Tunnel. When you arrive, you will see a blue portal. 

The necromancer boss, Evil Ash, will appear. You need to survive for 60 seconds, so don't fight him. We suggest that you run around in circles and avoid his attacks because he will drain your health and your attacks won't do much damage. He will spawn a few enemies. You will need to weaken them enough so you can perform the executions, but be careful because the clock will still be running down.

After you survive the attack, leave the portal room, and look for a broken-down but drivable car that has weapons and supplies in it. You will then need to go to Payne Manor to find a sword.

At Payne Manor, you will need to kill four skeletons that are playing the flute, and then you will be able to enter the mansion. Loot the house and then grab the sword. On the left side of the second floor, look for the Legendary Blunderbuss that is on top of a table. 

Then head back to the portal. You will encounter lots of enemies on the way, but the storm is closing in, so try and avoid them. 

The portal will transport you to another room, leading to a fight with the Pit Deadite. Who will drop an amulet and Shemp's Cola. Once you have killed him, Evil Ash will spawn. We suggest using the sword as it will do more damage than the ranged weapons. Once you have killed Evil Ash, you will complete the mission. 

You will see a picture of Lord Arthur sitting on his throne. 

Lord Arthur's stats: 

  • Defense 3/5
  • Melee weapons 4/5
  • Ranged weapons 2/5
  • Team Assistance 3/5

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