ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: November 22, 2021
ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights
  • First Released: Jun 20, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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There are some hidden doors throughout the game.

For Faden's door, you will first need to beat Miriel in the Verboten Domain and purify the spirit of Faden. Faden’s power will allow you to open the locked doors in the game.

You have two options : 

You can jump below Faden’s lab and travel the Deep and this will lead to the final boss

You can go back to the first room in the White Parish at the beginning of the game

If you decide to go back to the first room. There is a secret door to your left that you will be able to unlock. In this room, Faden tells you about the Aegis Curio Amulet.

Inhuman IRP goes into detail about the location of this and all other doors.



Cliffside Hamlet 

You will start by fast traveling to the Well and go to the left. In the Well, you find a false wall pustulant barrier. To destroy the barrier do the spectral lance thrust from the far side of the room. 

You will find Faden’s letter and the first fragment in a small corner. 


You will need to fast travel to the Great Hall respite and go left and battle the mobs until you reach the top section.

You can then open the locked door and walk through it. 

There is a pustulant monstrosity with multiple flies in a nest. Once you have defeated the mobs, look for the item on the alter. 


You will need to fast travel to the Cells respite and then exit the room. Go into the bigger chamber, and use hook points to grapple your way to the top.

There you will find the locked door on a ledge to the right. Go through the doorway and grab the item. 

Ruined Keep 

You can use the guest-chamber to fast travel point and then go left and up. You will find yourself in a large room. The locked door is on the right-hand side. 

Follow the winding staircase and look for the treasure chest at the bottom of the bottom where you will find Stone Tablet. 

Twin Spires 

You can use the Monument to Wind fast travel point and then go left, and then continue to the large room. Then look for a pathway that will lead you to the right and into an open area with multiple platforms that allows you to ride back and forth. 

Go to the central area and drop Lilie down to search for a lever that will summon a platform to take you to an upward section that has been chained. 

Once you have defeated the gargoyle mobs, grapple at the right-hand side until you get to the highest point. Then grapple, jump and dash to get to the opening. Then open the locked door, pick up the 800x Stagnant Blight, the letter, and the fragment. 

Verboten Domain 

You will need to fast travel to Subterranean Lab B4 and then stand in front of the dais and use your ground smash to get the small nook so that you can dropdown.

You will find the Priestess Wish and a locked door. Go through the locked door and ride the lift. 

You will need to swim through Blight-infested waters and indestructible mines in the underwater passageway. You will need these relics: The heretic mask, HP and Healing Prayer boosting relic, and Ruined Witch’s Book. 

In the end, you will find a letter, the Stone Tablet Fragment, and 2x Ancient Souls for Umbral Kinght’s upgrades. 

There is one more locked door in the Verboten zone. You will be able to use Subterranean Lab B1 or B2. 

Once you reach the left-hand corner, you will find the Verboten Champion Miniboss. You will need to kill and purify it and you will receive an uppercut skill. 

Witch’s Thicket

You will need to fast travel to the Coven Halls respite and you will need cooldown, spirit boosting relics, and the Verboten Champion skill. 

Jump into the waterfall and use the stream to carry you upward. You will need to double jump, uppercut, and dash to reach the ledge.

Open the locked door and go to the plaza to find the letter, 800x Stagnant Blight and the fragment. 

Creating the Aegis Curio Amulet

Once you have all the fragments go back to the crafting machine under Lily’s room in the White Parish.

Go to the contraption to receive the Luminant Aegis Curio. This relic has no cost. 

Since the game has a complicated map, SC awakening does a good job at showing you exactly how to find all 7 stone tablets.

How to defeat Knight Captain Julius


The recommended level for this match is 70. 

For the most part Julius starts off really easy to fight. The problem is that phases 2 and 3 he has an attack that is able to kill you in one blow. 

You will need to continuously bait him and this will make him commit to his lunges and slash attacks. This will allow you to get behind him but this will also mean that he will start gaining the attacks to hit behind him. 

In phases 2 and 3 Julius will get his range attacks so you will need to try to get behind him. As long as he is committed to one attack you can get at least one attack on him.

If you are close enough to get two hits or you can stagger him try to be more aggressive on the next encounter. Make sure you get the two hits and just try to stay close to him because he is best at using the range to hurt you.

Try to distinguish between the zero dash and the projectile range attack. In the Zero dash move, he will hold his spear in a hunched position. In the Projectile range move, he looks like he’s holding a Gatling gun. When he stops and his charging up get behind him in both situations. 

You will need to take advantage of when he shoots his projectile range beam. Julius will stagger after but don’t get too close because his sprite will hit you and cause a huge amount of damage.

Here is a demonstration on killing Captain Julius.

How to defeat Guardian Silva Boss


The recommended level for this match is 40. 

In the Great Hall, you are going to go down one cell and to the right which will lead to the Guardian. In this battle, we recommend you use the dark witch Elaine’s projectile and Gerrod’s Melee attack. Elaine is the second boss while Gerrod is the seventh boss that you have defeated so far. 

Once you get to Silva she will be in her human form. She will start with her introductory attack and you can start by using a dodge roll. There is going to be a bit of a delay so you can start the attack early so that Silva walks into it. 

If you time it correctly you will hit her 2 or 3 times but dodge out of the way when she strikes. She likes to do a backward jump before shooting several fireballs at you. 

Silva will usually use a reset and you are going to repeat the moves above. Also, make sure to keep an eye on her stamina meter and poise. If you strike her enough the yellow bar will become depleted and she will be stunned for a moment and you will be able to get some free attacks. 

When Silva enters phase 2 and Silva will look like a monstrosity. She then gains an area of more of an effect beam attack. She will also be repositioning herself more effectively. If she repositions behind you, you can attack her when she lands. If she steps back, she’ll usually cast several eruptions. 

In Phase 3, you will want to stay out of range during the transformation because you don’t want to be knocked back and then you can get a free strike once she has transformed. Then you are going to want to move out of range because she will do her dash and she now has multiple ranges. 

If Silva begins to crawl that means she is going to do an uppercut move. You can tell that she going to use the uppercut move when she pulls both of her arms back. This move can kill you in one blow but you are just going to move out the way during her attack. 

When Silva uses her projectile you will hear an audio cue and make sure to stay out of range. 

In this phase, you are going to use your projectiles when she does her signature move but stay out of range. You can bait her to use her main attack or her uppercut and dodge her normal and large projectiles attacks, which is her signature attack. When she jumps up and slashes down you can hit her once she has used her slash attack. 

To defeat Silva it does require a range attack. If you don’t have a range attack you can still use the same strategy but come in immediately after she has done her signature move and attack her yourself. You can also use the cliffside hamlet youth. You would need to jump and strike when she is on the floor and you can attack her. 

This video goes into depth about the best method to defeat the Guardian Silva Boss.

How to beat ULV the Mad Knight


The recommended level for this match is 60. 

The first phase will consist of three attacks: the slash he can combo up to two times, a lunge attack, and a front flip that activates splash damage which is his main attack. 

You will need to trigger his introductory sequence and then dash through him. If you do get hit continue to bait him until he slashes twice and then uses his front flip move and try to hit him at least twice. Be careful not to get hit by his sprite. 

When he does his x-slash wait for the very last moment when he opens his arms then dash through. 

Never get more than one hit unless he’s doing his front flip or you’ve removed all his poise and his stunned. The knight positioning in this match is very good. 

In phase 2 the knight begins with a cross bleed attack. In this phase, he has a wave attack. You will need to dodge this attack and not just jump over. 

In phase 3 the knight is able to do two uppercuts which are very difficult to dodge. He will begin this phase with several beams with equal spacing across the map. You have two options: you can dodge by standing far back or you can get up close and dodge the initial attack.

After the attack look on the ground for colored sprites moving up in a vertical direction and try to position yourself between them. Try to get a few attacks. The knight’s recovery time is extremely quick in this phase. 

Whenever the knight uses his signature move is the perfect time to use your range attacks or heal yourself. He will also lunge at you every time he uses his signature move or his range attack. 

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