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Last Updated: March 26, 2023
  • First Released: Nov 15, 2021

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Cheat Codes and Trainer


Thankfully, for those that enjoy the easier gameplay, Dysmantle does offer a few cheat codes for you to use to make the gameplay easier so you can relax and enjoy the game. Here are some codes that you can use:

  • naI7H8JYv - 999x resources
  • nXGFbiHNq - credits
  • r0s2CfNBW -  starter pack
  • mWejW45H0 - unlock map
  • 7GGe4E2Tf - booster pack
  • OeMro3Bbp - recipes
  • NVpQilCHH - daily gift bag x10
  • AsNjBJzNI - Month Card x1
  • dA4JTbuMV - upgrade
  • xX2ClyQaL - supply boxes
  • 07RM0r8xZ - secret combination code
  • gvsn2Ptsi - pet
  • FnocMmaUW - credits
  • J43077iRm - premium equipment
  • 5T96kP8SK -  level up
  • E1p8I20dB - weekly box
  • zPb82X1vI - unlimited backpack
  • NMTejRYR6 - multiplayer mode

Some players look for a more customizable game or cheat that offers things such as unlimited health and such. If you are one of these people, you will be glad to know that there are trainers available to download that will help you enable these such cheats. Here are cheats that some trainers will offer:

  • Unlimited Health - Default F1
  • Free Craft/ Free Upgrades - Default F2
  • Super Damage - Default F3
  • Mega XP - Default F4
  • Unlimited Throwables - Default F5
I  don’t  know  how  to  actually  use  the  codes  on  ps5.  Where  do  I  input  the  codes?
Zoe Mattheisen, 1 month ago - Reply
On  mais  où  codes  de  triches  ?
Madison Gee, 1 month ago - Reply

Alice in Wonderland

Easter Eggs

For those of you who watch classic movies, you might just notice this Easter Egg. If you explore Westport and find yourself at 365° 325°, you will notice that there is a table there set up really nicely on a long table. This whole scene, along with the checkered floor, looks like it could be set up for a tea party hosted by a man with a collection of crazy hats. Is this The Mad Hatters Tea Party? You can decide.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Easter Eggs

If you are a fan of the arid regions in games, you might just find yourself exploring the Sunburnt Desert. If you are in the area, head on over to 756° 810° and you will notice that there are two guards laying on the ground. The positioning of these bodies is very similar to the bodies of people who have recreated the famous Mexican Standoff from the classic cowboy movie, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Something is Fishy


This exploit will help you progress the Collector medal for Legendary Items. First, you must be able to retrieve items from your inventory. Once you can do that, then take some time and catch yourself a legendary fish. When you have caught yourself a legendary fish, all you need to do is to take the fish out of your inventory, and put it back four times. When you do this, it will add progress to your Collector medal for Legendary items.

Secret Arcade Machine

Easter Eggs

If you are to explore the wilderness, you might find one of two arcade machines that allow you to play the game “Gembine”. They might seem like a fun addition to the game, but do it right and you might just be able to get more items than you bargain for. Once you reach a score of 54 000 or above, you will get the message: “Something strange is happening. The high score has changed to: @ 215° 713° “ this location is in Solaris. You will then find 2 Mana shards and 4 Electronics.

The Chest Under the Waterfall

Easter Eggs

In Westport, at the coordinates @ 215° 713°, you will see a waterfall with a chest behind it. This chest is not so easily accessible though. To get to this chest, you will have to follow a secret path. Take a leap to the first stone, then head all the way over to the left, and from there head up to the next stone. From this stone, head to the stone on the right, above the first stone you jumped to. From this position, you can jump to the platform where the chest is located on. In this chest, you will receive a recipe.

The  correct  cords  are  334°  326°.  Also  there's  no  jump  in  this  game.
Jay, 1 month ago - Reply
These  coordinates  are  in  the  desert.  I  think  someone  is  a  bit  wrong.
Jay, 1 month ago - Reply

Weapons that Dysmantle has on offer


Much like any other game, Dysmantle has a whole arsenal on offer. Make sure to pick your favorite weapon and craft it as soon as possible. Here follows a list of all the weapons that Dysmantle has to offer:

  • Crowbar
  • Machete
  • Baseball Bat
  • Katana
  • Throwing Knives
  • Shiv Trio
  • Frag Grenade
  • Proximity Mine
  • Axe
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Sledgehammer
  • Riot Shield
  • Khopesh
  • Power Fist

Destroy it all


Breaking objects in Dysmantle will provide you will experience and resources. These are vital to your start in the game and will make your late-game that much easier. Keep in mind that what you can break deepens on the level of your crowbar, starting off with the white fences and other smaller objects around the map will make it easier for you to advance as you go.

IsMeHype tells us about breaking the whole environment.

Focus on upgrading your crowbar and backpack


Dysmantle offers many different things to upgrade as you advance through the game, focus on upgrading your backpack and crowbar. What these do when you upgrade them is to increase your carry capabilities and let you break more things for their resources and for the experience. Breaking bigger and better things increases the chance that you will receive a rare resource drop, so the higher level your crowbar is, the better chance of a rare loot drop. 

IsMeHype tells us all about upgrading.

Always Use the Campfires


The campfires around Dysmantle offer you the chance to rest and upgrade your items and skills, but that's not all that they do. Campfires will respawn nearby enemies, so one of the best ways to farm up resources is to find a campfire near an enemy that will drop what resource you need, kill the mob and use the campfire, then all you need to do is rinse and repeat.

IsMeHype shows us how to abuse the campfires.

Make sure to use the wishing wells


Around the map, you will find wishing well that will ask for resources. Make sure to use these as often as you can, they will generally ask for small scraps of items and will reward you will a decent helping of a certain resource, so it is well worth it to use them as often as possible. Wishing wells reset every half an hour, so make sure to keep checking to find out if one has reset yet or not.

IsMeHype explains all about wishing wells.

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