Dying Light: Definitive Edition Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: August 13, 2023
Dying Light: Definitive Edition
  • Category: Bundle
  • First Released: Jun 8, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG)
  • Themes: Action, Open world
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Duplication Glitch


There is a duplication glitch to increase your stash. You must go to your “Player Stash” for the glitch to work. Put the item you wish to duplicate into the “Player Stash.”

You must then put your cursor on the item that you want the amount of when duplicating. Exit the stash, reopen it, and “Left” and “Right” click on your mouse simultaneously. The glitch will be successful if you can scroll up and down with the prompt to store the item.

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Beginners Guide


The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. In the game, your character can run, jump, and climb. It’s crucial to parkour from one rooftop to another and avoid running in the streets.

Doing parkour will level up your XP and increase your agility levels. The map has been designed to allow your player to scale from building to building.

Infected-type zombies will quickly overrun and swarm your character if they simply decide to use the streets instead of the rooftops. Infected-type zombies cannot climb up buildings, so you are safer above ground level.

Traveling across the map is easier once you have unlocked the grappling hook. You can only unlock the grappling hook once you have completed level 12. This hook allows you to travel at faster speeds and will attach to most surfaces.

While completing different levels, you will accumulate tools and weapons. You can sell any unwanted or unused weapons to the Quartermaster for funds required to purchase blueprints or advanced weapons.

You must unlock as many safe houses as possible to avoid dying in the game. Safe houses are advantages to unlock in the game, as they give you a closer point to respawn and reduce the amount of XP lost when you die.

Unlocking a safe house nearby also gives your player a safe place to hunker down and restock or hide from the infected zombie swarm. You will need to have the safety of a safe house at night when it’s incredibly dangerous out there.

Before you leave the safety of a safe house, you must ensure you have sufficient medical supplies. You can craft medical supplies from gause and alcohol, which you purchase from the Quartermaster. In addition, you can find meds in abandoned ambulances or under bridges.

Traveling around at night carries many risks, as one attack from the volatile will be enough to end your game. However, parkouring around from building to building at night will grant you double the amount of XP.

Completing side quests is the fastest way to level your character up. Complete as many side quests early on in the game as you can. This will reward you with rare, powerful weapons to complete the major quest.

Always keep your eyes peeled for any loot items, and check houses thoroughly and drawers for any items you can collect to later sell at the Quartermaster. There will also be random airdrops throughout the day.

Airdrops are marked by a blue marker on your map or with a red smoke signal. Finding these airdrops first is advantageous, as they contain some powerful and useful items for gameplay. Always be on the lookout for other human activities with the same idea.

Lastly, the game is centered around killing zombies; however, it is crucial to avoid some enemies rather than attacking them. At the beginning stages of your game, you will not have strong enough weapons to defeat every zombie and will easily be overwhelmed.

Sometimes it’s better to just distract your enemies with a firecracker than face them head-on and lose all the XP you have gained.

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Weapon Modifications and Where to Find Them


Weapon modifications play an important role in the game. There are two types of modifications for your weapon; one allows you to install it on your weapon, while the other you will need to craft.

The modifications you install on your weapons will increase their damage, durability, and handling. The handling feature is also called your weapon's attack speed.

You can install a limited number (3) of modifications on each weapon. Once a weapon modification has been installed, it can’t be replaced with a higher-ranking modification.

The strength of the weapon modification is dependent on the quality and rarity of the modification. The “King” is the best type of weapon modification in the game, as it buffers two statistics by 2. While the “Juggernaut” and “Assassin” are the weakest weapon modifications in the game and only buffer one statistic by one.

The “Juggernaut” and “Assassin” modifications are naturally easier to find. You can find these modifications in loot boxes, zombie corpses, or be gifted as a reward for completing a side quest.

Finding “King” modifications is harder, but you can find them in chests around the map. You can increase your odds of finding these modifications by looting “GRE” boxes. In addition, you can find a “King” weapon modification on the “Fan Zone” quest once you have defeated the boss.

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Things to Remember



The game is filled with zombie-like infected humans trying to kill you. Regular infected zombies cannot climb up structures, whereas your character can climb onto the rooftops of buildings.

If regular infected zombies surround you, try climbing up to the rooftops for safety from your enemies.

Use Firecrackers

Firecrackers are a valuable weapon to possess. Obtaining firecrackers is easy; you can carry several of them simultaneously. Firecrackers can create distractions and clear a pathway without being noticed.

In addition, you can use firecrackers on the infected type bombers. These infected type bombers will be drawn to the light of the firecracker and will explode when they’re in close range of the firecracker.

Try to Remain Alive

While dying in a game is inevitable, there are consequences for failing to reach a checkpoint alive. XP will be deducted from your character every time they die. The amount of XP deducted is dependent on how you died.

Try to remain alive for as long as you can. Changing the difficulty level to a lower degree is an option if you find it hard to stay alive.

Complete Side Quests

The game is brimming with side quests that you can complete. Side quests can be assigned to you by a human who needs some help. Of course, completing these side quests will come with some useful rewards.

Once you have completed a side quest, you will be rewarded with various items, including; currency, XP, materials, and blueprints. 

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