Dying Light 2: Stay Human Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Dying Light 2: Stay Human
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Feb 2, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Horror, Survival, Open world
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Dead Island song

Easter Eggs

During the quest Pilgrim’s Path, you’ll come across a record that Aiden says sounds familiar. The song on the record is Who Do You Voodoo, which played in the game Dead Island.

Spike playing Dying Light theme

Easter Eggs

During the quest Pilgram’s Path, there is a house with a piano in it. If you idle while looking at the piano, Spike will walk over to it and start playing the theme from the first Dying Light.

In the prologue, after you climb the cliff, look down into the water below. You’ll see a small island with a palm tree on it, a tiny replication of the Dead Island logo.

The Office reference

Easter Eggs

Near Culvert Island, you can find a letter called “someone looking for a stapler,” written by someone who is in urgent need of a stapler. The letter is signed Dwight Kurt S. III. This is a reference to Dwight K. Schrute from the TV show The Office.

Resident Evil reference

Easter Eggs

During the quest Broadcast, you’ll encounter characters named Leon and Chris. These are references to Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil series. If you take Chris’s dog tag, it even confirms his last name to be Redfield.

Doom and Legend of Zelda references (rubber duck puzzle)

Easter Eggs

Five rubber ducks with glowing eyes are hidden as collectibles. If you find all five, you can take them to the basement of the VNC Tower and put them on altars. Doing so will then allow you to connect the power lines into a pentagram, which will give you a special challenge with a shotgun in a replication of Doom’s first level. The level contains a thank-you letter written to Doom’s developers.

You can also find the blueprint for the Mistress Sword here. Although the sword’s hilt is pink, its shape and design are that of the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series, and its description is a shout-out to the series. You can also see the sword in a couple of different places in the game, such as being wielded by a child in the Peacekeeper’s base.

Cyberpunk 2077 weapon

Easter Eggs

There is a skyscraper on top of which you can meet a character called the Liquidator. This character directs you to the blueprints for a weapon called Cyber Hands 2177, a reference to the blades in Cyberpunk 2077.

Warning: Liquidator doesn’t spawn after you’ve completed the quest Veronika. Be sure to talk to Liquidator before that quest.

Kyle Crane room and Mario shoes

Easter Eggs

Near the Renegade camp in Lower Dam Ayre, you can find a large storage container suspended from a crane. If you go inside, you’ll find a room dedicated to Kyle Crane from the first Dying Light.

If you sit down and listen to the music player in this room, a gift will appear that will give you shoes titled “It’s me… Marian!” Wearing these shoes gives you a Super Mario style triple jump.

Developer Room

Easter Eggs

There is a developer room accessible from the top of a skyscraper southwest of the VNC Tower. Once you reach the roof, you will need to connect the power cables to the three power boxes in order to unlock the door to the developer room.

It includes several things, including two useful items you can find here. If you sit down at the coffee table and look near the thank-you note there, you’ll find a blueprint for the Korek Charm. The Korek Charm has infinite uses and can be applied to any weapon for 500 durability points.

If you go into the bedroom and sit down by the teddy bear, more teddy bears will start appearing around you. Then the Techland poster will change to show their previous logo, and you can find a blueprint for the Right Hand of gloVa. This weapon also appeared in the first game and is a reference to the Left Hand of gloVa from Dead Island.

Flying Broom

Easter Eggs

There is a rooftop you can reach that has several blue mushrooms on it. If you interact with them repeatedly, you’ll eventually unlock a parkour challenge called Baba Yaga that has you fly around on a broom. Sadly, you can’t keep the flying broom outside of this challenge.

Dancing Zombie

Easter Eggs

At the Community Soccer Field, move the soccer ball into the goal. Then leave the area. Return, and the ball will be back. Move it into the goal again. Repeat this process until you’ve done it a total of 9 times, and a dancing zombie will appear. If you kill the zombie, you’ll get a blueprint called United In Fun – Everyone Can Play that is a throwable soccer ball weapon.

How to unlock fast travel


Once you reach Villedor, you will unlock the ability to fast travel. However, to unlock fast travel points, you’ll need to find and clear out the Metro Stations. Be aware that tough enemies are waiting in the Metro Stations, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared.

Back to the Future Hoverboard

Easter Eggs

If you go to St. Paul Island in the Central Loop region, you’ll find a cathedral. There, you’ll need to get to the top of the belltower and climb around to the small room at the top. Listen to the radio there to hear a conversation about the Liquidator, who is part of another easter egg.

After the radio conversation ends, part of a hoverboard will appear nearby. Take it and use Survivor Sense to find the remaining two pieces of the hoverboard. Once you have all three, find the blue car in the southwest of the Muddy Grounds area and open the trunk.

This will let you begin a special parkour challenge in which you ride the hoverboard. This is also a reference to Back to the Future.

All Peacekeeper and Survivors Area Upgrades


Assigning parts of the map to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors unlocks different upgrades in that area depending on which faction it is. Each faction has their own set of upgrades available to use in this way. Peacekeeper upgrades are more focused on weapons and traps, while Survivor upgrades are focused on traversal and exploration.

Upgrades unlocked through Peacekeeper control:

  • Car Traps
  • PK Razon Cannons
  • Electrical Traps
  • Crossbow Pack
  • Molotov Lanterns
  • Pendulum Trap
  • UV Trap

Upgrades unlocked through Survivor control:

  • Ziplines
  • Airbags
  • Landing Bags
  • Survivor Revival
  • Air Vents
  • Upgrade Airbags
  • Two-Way Ziplines

All Safes and Combinations


19 safes can be found throughout the city, with the safe codes located nearby or hidden within a riddle. Here are the safe locations and the combination locations, if you want to solve them yourself. If you just want the combinations, they’re listed next.

Bazaar Church safe – in the tower at the top of the bazaar

Combination location – the clue is hidden behind the poster on the wall

Nightrunner’s Hideout safe – inside the hideout

Combination location – in the secret room behind the wardrobe

Book Club X safe – in the room found through the Book Club X quest

Combination location – inside the Treasure Island book

Crocodile Flats safe – in the room found for the Out of Your League quest

Combination location – the clue is hidden in the photo near the body

The First Biomarker safe – found for the side quest The First Biomarker

Combination location – the clues are given to you by McGregor

Moonshine safe – found for the side quest Moonshine

Combination location – the clue is given to you by Jack and Joe

South Quarry End safe – in the top floor of a small house in South Quarry End

Combination location – the clue is in the chest in front of the bed

New Dawn Park safe – in a flat beyond the south wall of the houses west of the Fish Eye

Combination location – the clue is inside the cabinet

Downtown Bandit Camp safe – in the flat above the bandit camp in the eastern Downtown area

Combination location – in the upper part of the flat

Bridge Camp safe – at the top of the raised slope between the Downtown and Wharf areas

Combination location – the clue is on a note on the table

Garrison Electrical Station safe – next to one of the generators in the electrical station

Combination location – the clue is written on a note in the box by the safe

VNC Tower safe – in the flat just off the west side of the VNC Tower

Combination location – the clue is on the table

Treasure Hunt safe – the clue to the location is a cipher found if you keep the map from the quest The Deserter

Combination location – another part of the same cipher

Muddy Grounds safe – in a small area accessed with the GRE Access Key on the border between Muddy Grounds and the Wharf areas

Combination location – the clue is in the same room as the safe

Church of St. Thomas Safe – in the tower of the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle

Combination location – in a box at the top of the tower

St. Paul Island safe – in a cargo container opened with the GRE Access Key south of St. Paul Island

Combination location – the clue is in a note on the shelf in the same area

Dark Hollow safe – in the Dark Hollow in the southern area of St. Paul Island, above the room where you find the combination

Combination location – in a safe on the bookshelf, which you can open by picking the lock

Newfound Lost Lands safe – in a building near the bus parking spots in Newfound Lost Lands

Combination location – the clue is in a note under the till

Garrison Dam Nightrunner Hideout safe – in the Nightrunner Hideout above the dam west of Garrison

Combination location – the clue is in a note in a box at the top of the hideout

Here are the combination solutions:

  • Bazaar Church Safe Combination – 5-1-0
  • Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe Combination – 1-0-1
  • Book Club X Safe Combination – 21-12-55
  • Crocodile Flats Safe Combination – 11-11-19
  • The First Biomarker Safe Combination – 9-7-3
  • Moonshine Safe Combination – 14-9-2
  • South Quarry End Safe Combination – 22-67-66
  • New Dawn Park Safe Combination – 10-28-64
  • Downtown Bandit Camp Safe Combination – 3-1-3
  • Bridge Camp Safe Combination – 74-17-76
  • Garrison Electrical Safe Combination – 3-1-4
  • VNC Tower Safe Combination – 6-6-6
  • Treasure Hunt Safe Location & Combination – Muddy Grounds Water Tower Basement, 3-21-67
  • Muddy Grounds Safe Combination – 10-10-10 (this is also an easter egg referencing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
  • Church of St. Thomas Safe Combination – 4-4-4
  • St. Paul’s Island Safe Combination – 85-19-45
  • Dark Hollow Safe Combination – 9-8-7
  • Newfound Lost Lands Safe Combination – 4-5-9
  • Garrison Dam Nightrunner Hideout Safe Combination – 9-6-6

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