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Last Updated: June 8, 2023
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Mar 29, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Horror, Open world
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB E10

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Infinite Materials Glitch


Gathering lumber and materials could prevent you from drowning at sea if you run into unseen rocks or creatures. A glitch in the game will allow you to collect these resources infinitely.

To access the glitch, you must have completed the beginning stages of the game and have unlocked the dredging ability from exploring the Blackstone Isle. When you have unlocked the dredging ability, find the quest that requires you to deliver a few materials to a Steel Point.

At the docking point where you must deliver all the materials, search for little air bubbles that will appear on the water's surface and drive over them. These bubbles will reward you with lumber, cloth, and metals.

After loading all the materials on your boat, you must offload them at the nearest dock into your storage bin. Save and quit your game after you have moved the materials to your storage bin.

Load your saved game and head back to the area where you loaded up on materials. The glitch will allow you to gather the same amount of resources. Repeat this glitch infinitely and gather as much lumber, cloth, or metals as needed. 

Kibbles Gaming demonstrates how to exploit the Infinite Materials Glitch

How to Get Explosives


You can use pack explosives to open up areas of the map and explode different items that need removal. To get explosives, you must do the main story quest line and go to the set of islands called “Gale Cliffs.” 

Make your way to the “Ruins” port on the map and dock at the port. You will then meet an old sailor, who will send you on a quest to find his family's crest. Rest your boat at the dock until daytime before attempting to complete the quest.

At dawn, you will need to undock your boat and head right around the island. Travel down the waterway and watch out for rocks in the water. At the end of the waterway, you will need to take another right turn and go around the outside of the island until you come across an old shipwreck in the water.

Go into the waterway located to the right of the shipwreck. You will find a fish monster as you enter the channel between the two islands. You must entice the fish monster to move away from the family crest he is guarding.

Get the monster's attention, and he will chase you into the open water. Once in the open, you can turn around toward the family crest and collect it. Alternatively, you can collect the crest when the fish monster submerges beneath the water to regain strength.

After collecting the crest, you must head back to the Ruins dock and show the old sailor your collected item. You will then be instructed to head to the “Ingfell” port and dock, where you must talk to the “Retired Whaler.”

The Retired Whaler will then send you on a quest to explode a wall with explosives that he has set up. Undock from Ingfell port and make your way back toward the Ruins port. Don’t dock at the port but steer your boat to the left of the island through the channel.

You will then come across a wall rigged with explosives, interact with the wall and blow it up. Once the wall has exploded, head back to the Retired Whaler at Ingfell port and offer him the family crest.

Undock from the port and return to the old sailor. He will want you to pick him up and transport him to the Ingfell port. Transport the old sailor to the Retired Whaler. This will end your quest and open up the “Whaling Yards.”

At the Whaling Yards, you can purchase packed explosives from the Retired Whaler for $36.00.

Kibbles Gaming explains how to get Explosives

How to Make Money Using Crab Pots


You must earn money to purchase items and upgrade your boat. Using crab pots to haul in crabs is one of the easiest and many ways to make a passive income early in the game, and it doesn’t require much effort.

Crab pots first need to be purchased from the Fishmonger for $100. The best crab pot to use is the “Basic Crab Pot.” You can research these pots up to 3 levels; the only downfall with using a crab pot is that you must repair them.

Your crab pots will only last for two days and must be hauled from the ocean and repaired by the Shipwright for $16.00 each. Once the Shipwright has mended your pots, the 2-day process will start again.

To begin processing crab pots, go into your Boat Interaction Wheel and “Select” the “Crab Pot'' on the wheel. After selecting the crab pots, you can drop them at different depths to target a variant of crab species.

You can monitor the depth of your crab pots at the bottom left corner of your screen. The depth indicator will alert you as to how deep the ocean floor is from your boat. It’s recommended to drop your crab pots at 5 meters deep.

When you drop your crab pots, you will notice a small buoy that will pop up on the water's surface. This marks the location of your crab pot, so you can return to it and harvest the crabs.

Crabs pots take several hours to fill up and must soak in the water for 6-12 hours before you can harvest any crabs. 6-12 hours of game time equates to a full day or night period in the game.  

When checking your crab pots, drive over the buoy and interact with the white icon above the pots. Check the icon to see if there are any crabs in your pots and load them into your cargo.

After checking all your crab pots, you can sell your crabs to the Fishmonger at the Fishmongers Store. To sell your crabs, you will need to dock at the “Greater Marrow” port and “Select” the “Fishmonger” option.

Select the “Sell All Fish” icon at the bottom right of your screen. The Fishmonger will then purchase all of your crabs for money. You can repeat this process every 12 hours and continually make money.

STAN Games & Tutorials demonstrates how to earn passive money

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Explore the Islands

You will encounter many islands when traveling around the map. The game will reward you with crafting material or researched parts after you have explored an area. Points of interest on a map will shine when you get close to them and allow you to explore them. Be careful; some areas on the map are not what they seem and may be traps waiting to damage your boat.

Don’t Use A Light At Night

While using a light will help you navigate the oceans in the dark, at the start of your game, it’s best to avoid using a light. A bright shining light will attract unwanted monsters that will try to kill you. 

If you run into any monster at night, you can always switch off your boat's lights and try to escape them without being detected. Driving a boat at night without any lights is dangerous as you may bump into hidden rocks in the ocean, so try to look out for hidden boulders.

Use the Lighthouse

It’s easy to get lost at sea and lose your navigation. Thankfully the lighthouse is always visible in the game. Follow the light from the lighthouse to safely return to the docks.

Wake Up Before Dawn

Waking up before your boat's resting period has fully completed will give you an extra few hours. Heading out to sea generally takes a few hours on your boat. The extra time will allow you to start fishing or gathering resources in the safety of dawn.

Use Unwanted Crab Pots as Waypoints

Crab pots only have a life period of two days before they will expire and need to be repaired. Use any unwanted crab pots to mark off important areas or points of interest on the map. The unwanted crab traps will appear on your map, making it easier for you to locate areas.

BanShreddedCheese shares 12 helpful hints

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