Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: December 31, 2021
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
  • First Released: Jun 29, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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The picture of Sayori’s head

Easter Eggs

After completing a minigame in Act 2, there is a ⅙ chance of a reel of an uncorrupted ‘ hxppythxughts.png' version to scroll down for a brief moment, with distorted, creepy music playing in the background called “eyes.ogg”. Then Yuri will welcome you back. The picture will appear on your screen of Sayori’s head as seen in one of the special poems. 

After the poem minigame in Act 2, there is a 1/6 (16.67%) chance of a reel of an uncorrupted 'hxppythxughts.png' version to scroll down for a brief moment

Monkia’s Sticker

Easter Eggs

On Day 3 of Act 2 when you select a word for the poem, there is a 1/11 chance of Monkia’s sticker jumping from underneath the screen.

The Meme Scheme goes into detail about the Easter Eggs and rare scenes in the game

Monika glitching in the game


When entering the Literature Club in Act 2, there is a ⅓ chance of Monika glitching. 

Monkia is the poster girl of Doki Doki Literature Club as she is the President of the Club. Monkia is one of five members. She is the driving force of the game, encouraging the members to practice writing poems until the festival, which develops the characters' stories.   

In Act 2 if the player writes two poems for Natsuki and one poem for Yuri and then attempts to talk to Monika. She will seem surprised and prompt a poem and then she will tell you that the game has glitched her poem. 

The background is red with glitches, different from the original desk background during the minigame. After giving the poem to Monkia, she will believe that the player wrote the poem for her and call you sweet the poem has a loud ambience and has glitches all over the page. 

If you are using Windows on full screen mode, the game will display a fake BSOD and the dialogue will be the same. 

You will be able to Monkia’s talk where she talks directly to the player and you will be given hte opportunity to delete Monkia’s files and she will vanish. When she finds out that the player deleted her file she will tell you that “you completely, truly make me sick”. Then after a while she will tell the player that she still loves them and will fell the weight of her actions and she will restore the game and bring the players back. Monkia will then be absent for the rest of the game until the normal ending. 

The normal ending: Sayori becomes self-aware and glitches the game back to Monika’s room where she stayed with the main character and she will delete Sayori and say “No, I won’t let you hurt him.” 

Monika then states that there is no happiness in the Literature Club and then she will delete the entire game and the song “Your Reality” will begin to play while the credits roll. This is the song that Monkia wrote for the player. 

The games CG will then also be deleted and the player will receive a bittersweet letter from Monkia. The game will then be rendered unplayable until re-installed or the “first run” file is deleted. 

Good luck Cheating


If you try to copy the save files from another act while you are playing Acts 2, 3 or 4 you will see a black screen with the text “Unable to load the save file”. Monkia will then appear and ask you if you are trying to cheat.

You can avoid this if you copy the “persistent” file from the save folder (this file stores the information about the current Act). 

See Meme Scheme attempt to cheat and fail

The "Happy" Hidden Ending


The "Happy" ending can only be achieved through a few specific choices. These choices include all of Soyori, Yuri, and Natsuki's CG scenes. The choice begins with the first Poem. 

Make a save game for the first Poem. This is where you will revert back to after achieving each story paths CGs. 

To make this a quicker experience, in your settings, select the options that will allow you to skip dialogues and choices. This will drastically change the time it takes to reach the "happy" ending. 

Follow through in the following order.

Sayori's Path

  • Selecting Sayori's path throughout the game will guarantee you collect all of her CG's, you will need to select keywords that describe each girl, and make it obvious it is dedicated to them. 
  • Dedicate each poem to Sayori
  • Ensure you share the poems with her
    Accept her love confession
  • Once you have completed her path and she loves you, restore the game file back to the first poem.

Natsuki's Path

  • Dedicate each poem to Natsuki
  • Ensure you share the poems with her. 
  • Ensure she is selected as the festival preparation partner.
  • Once you have completed her path and she loves you, restore the game file back to the first poem.

Yuri's Path

  • Once completing Sayori and Natsuki's paths, dedicate your poems to Yuri
    Ensure you share your poem with Yuri selecting here keywords
  • Choose Yuri as your partner for the festival preparation. 
  • When Sayori confesses to you, reject her love towards you. Sayori will hang herself the next morning. 
  • DO NOT REVERT BACK THIS TIME, proceed to act 2. 

Once completed you can skip through the entirety of ACT 2 and wait until your reach the part where Monika stares at you. Here you can gain the CG with Monika. 

Once Monika completes her first discussion with you, play the poem game. Only proceed after receiving her CG. 

Delete Monika's CHR. File and carry on with the game. 

The game will reset automatically, play the game one more time and proceed with Sayori's route and you will experience the, frankly difficult to get, "Happy" ending.

The game might be a bit long and tiring to go to the "happy" ending, the producers really put effort into making it difficult, and so if you haven't got the time to attempt it yourself, here is Xirez's video on the Happy Ending.

Natsuki's Route Act 1


Day 2

When the protagonist selects Natsuki, on day 2 the protagonist will find her in the classroom closet looking for some manga. After this, you spend your time with her reading some manga. 

They read Parfait girls, one of Natsuki's favorites. After this, your player receives some CG for reading through the manga. 

Once sharing the poem, Monika, Yuri and Sayori will comment on Natsuki's writing style while Natsuki is unimpressed and sees the poem as just "okay". This is a typical reaction to Natsaki's character. After the poem, Natsuki's route for day 2 is done. 

Day 3

Monica has moved the manga to the top shelf out of reach for Natsuki, a real menace. The goal is to find a way to reach the top shelf today. The player should find a chair for Natsuki to stand on top of and grab the box of Manga. Once she's reached the box, your player is rewarded with a CG. 

The protagonist can see up Natsuki's skirt while she grabs the box, and Natsuki complains thinking the protagonist is acting like a perve. Natsuki gets frustrated that the chair moves and the protagonist isn't not helping. Eventually, she swivels and falls landing on top of the player. Creasing one of the manga pages. Monika comes in to assess the situation and lets it go. 

Natsuki cries from the bent page and the protagonist helps Natsuki clean up the scene made from the fall. She then is nice to the player which confuses him. 

Natsuki likes his poem on day 2 a little more and acts in a much nicer way with him. 

Day 4

Natsuki speaks to the player about the manga and speaks about Sayori too. It seems that Natsuki is angry and jealous about Sayori but the player explains to Natsuki that Sayori is merely his best friend. 

During the poem sharing times, Natsuki displays a pleasing feeling over the players' poems and compares it to her own poems. She seeks for approval over her own writing at this point from the player. 

But is too shy to show the player the poem, she did not have the confidence to give the poem to the player claiming that it is too bad for him to read. After some convincing, she hands the poem to him, and the poem is about the player. 

The love story between the two begin and Natsuki explains that this is why she was nervous to provide the poem to him. Natsuki asks the protagonist to keep the poem. 

Sayori sees the situation and this upsets her, she quickly leaves the room out of frustration claiming she is just tired. 

Day 5

Once you return home, Natsuki comes over to the house. They begin to bake and Natsuki then makes the player dirty with icing. The player gets a CG reward for catching Natsuki after some playing and pinning Natsuki to the wall. 

The player then licks the icing off of Natsuki's fingers, this shocks her but in a "cute" way. They then finish baking and Natsuki rrealizesit's getting late and has to leave. They speak about hanging out again at a later stage.

Natsuki moves in on the player for a kiss. Just before it happens, Sayori appears and interrupts the moment.

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