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Last Updated: June 9, 2023
Apex Legends: Revelry
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  • First Released: Feb 13, 2023
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Infinite Ammo Glitch


There is an infinite ammo glitch that you can exploit. You’ll need to play with Rampart or have her on your team for this glitch to work. Next, you’ll need to find an LMG gun with an attachment.

This glitch will only work with one of the four LMG guns; Devotion LMG, L-Star LMG, Spitfire LMG, and the Rampage LMG. However, you can use any type of ammunition attachment for this glitch.

Once you have one of the four LMG guns and the attachment fitted, drop the gun. Dropping the gun will reward you with five pieces of ammunition; this may sound like a small amount, but you can pick up your gun with the attachment and repeat the process.

GrungierLamp Gaming demonstrates the Infinite Ammo Glitch.

Bot Lobby Glitch


It’s not always possible to get into these bot lobbies and orientation matches. However, there is a glitch that makes it easier for you to get into a bot lobby.

You’ll need a brand new account on level one without any training to get into the bot lobbies. Invite your main account to the lobby with your new account and queue up for a match.

Once you're on the loading screen for your match, your new account must then close the match or press “F4”. A glitch will then load your account into a bot lobby. You’ll know the glitch worked when you see the bots named “Bot.”

NOVELL explains the Bot Lobby Glitch and how to do it.

Class Guide for Beginners


The game reintroduced five classes of legends from which players or teams can choose for strategic gameplay value. Each class has a specific gameplay perk and advantage over other classes.

The five legend classes are Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support. The Assault legends are Maggie, Fuse, Ashe, Revenant, and Bangalore. These legends are instigators specializing in combat initiation and utility, using their skills to start plays and force enemies to move.

One of the many advantages of using Assault Legends is that they can open hidden shelf weapon red supply bins and carry stashes of ammunition in their inventory, so you’ll never run out.

Pathfinder, Wraith, Valk, Mirage, Horizon, and Octane are Skirmisher Legends. These legends are masters of escape and focus on combat mobility. Skirmishers can see what’s inside an incoming care package from a distance and ping a weapon on their map to track it once a player uses it.

Recon Legends are Crypto, Seer, Vantage, and Bloodhound. As the name suggests, this class of legends specializes in tracking down and recovering enemies' intel. These legends scan a reworked Survey Beacon to uncover and reveal your enemies' locations on the map.

Controller Legends are Catalyst, Wattson, Caustic, and Rampart. This class of legends specializes in bunkering and controlling areas on the map. Controller Legends can scan a Ring Console to reveal the next location of the ring, giving them an advantage over other legends. 

Lastly, always have a backup plan or, in this case, Support Legends in your team to provide relief. Like all classes, there are four Support legends in the game: Newcastle, Lifeline, Loba, and Gibby. 

This class of legends is handy when your backs are up against the wall, and you need a lifeline. Support legends have full access to hidden Blue support bins that offer healing and survival items, which are of high value when you're low on HP. 

Consider all the different classes' abilities before choosing your preferred Apex legend to join the Battle Royale. 

Dazs shares a class guide for Apex Legends: Revelry.

How to Revive Players


Team members can do the impossible and return their dead squad members to life by respawning or reviving them. After a player's health has depleted, they’ll go into a downed state and drop their Legend Banner.

These downed-out players will remain alive for several moments before they die, and a teammate can revive them. To revive a player, any squad member can pick up the player's Legend Banner and take it to a Respawn Beacon. The player will then be revived and can continue in the Battle Royale. 

How to Super Glide


You must be able to quickly move around the map to avoid being spotted by your enemy or run away from them when you’re injured. Super gliding is the most effective and fastest way on foot to travel.

Super gliding combines two movements: sliding and jumping. To super glide properly, you must press the jump button and the crouch button a few milliseconds later.

Your player will not super glide if you press the crouch button first or push both buttons simultaneously. Timing the touching of two buttons one after the other is made easier if you change your control settings.

Change the “Crouch Toggle” button to “V” and the “Jump” button to “SPACE.” You will now be able to perfectly time a super glide movement. In addition, you can also launch onto a rooftop by performing a super glide when you are just about to finish climbing up a ladder.

PeskyFrank explains how to super glide in Apex Legends.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Choose A Matching Legend

Every competitor is evenly matched with firepower, speed, and strength. The only thing that sets legends apart is their abilities, so pick a legend that best fits your playstyle and works with your team.

Use Smart Comms 

Contact your team members and share information through Apex’s in-game systems. Use the smart comms to pinpoint the positions of valuable items and gear and to highlight approaching enemies. 

Get To Know The Arena

All Apex matches take place in the Kings Canyon. This arena is a challenging playground filled with abandoned military supplies and different types of terrain. There are open fields, abandoned buildings, swamps, and even a desert.

It’s important to quickly learn to maneuver through the toughest terrains and find the best hiding spots to ambush enemies. Once the ring begins to shrink, you’ll know exactly where to find the remaining resources in the game.

TimProVision shares some tips for Apex Legends.

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