Anno 1800: Console Edition Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: May 11, 2023
Anno 1800: Console Edition
  • Parent Game: Anno 1800
  • Category: Port
  • First Released: Mar 15, 2023
  • Genres: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Simulator, Strategy
  • Themes: Historical, Business
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Use Blueprint Mode


In blueprint mode you can plan your city and manage your grid without actually building anything.

The translucent buildings will not take any resources or require any man power, it’s a great way to physically layout your city and if you aren’t happy it’s easy to make corrections.

UNFILTERD GAMING shares some tips and hints for Anno 1800

Freezing Glitch


Anno 1800: Console Edition will often freeze when you switch between Apps on your PS5. The Anno 1800 pause menu will freeze if you return to your game after opening another application. 

Unfortunately, you will have to close your game and reopen it to solve the problem. Thankfully the game has an autosave feature that will take you back to where your game last froze.

Beer Layout Guide


In Anno 1800, you will constantly have to produce beer for the citizens of your city. A beer production industry will hire large sums of workers and artisans. In order to start making your own beer, you will first need to have a large open area for the production of beer.

Find a large open space on your map and start off by building a warehouse. Next to your warehouse, you must build two breweries and a malthouse, all these buildings must be constructed next to each other in a line so that you can build a single road connecting them to the city. 

On the opposite side of the road, you will need to build two grain farms and three hop farms. You must now “Click” on your hop fields and extend them as far as possible. The same applies to your grain farms.

You will then need to build a road around the entire farmland area. Your beer production layout will now be complete, and you can copy the layout and paste it in open areas of your map to increase beer production.

BasedContentCreator shares a guide on how to start your own beer production.

How to Make Money


In Anno 1800, there are several ways you can quickly make money. The easiest way to start making money in Anno 1800 is to establish different trade routes with islands. There are a lot of items that you can produce and sell to other islands for a high price.

One of the first trade routes you will need to establish is with the prison at Eli Bleaksworth Harbor. The prison on the island has a demand for soap and is willing to pay 384 gold coins per soap.

Establish a trade route with the prison and you will be able to send 17 soap per shipload to the island. This process can be repeated every minute, and the island will not stop buying soap from you. 

You may need to develop a second island that only focuses on producing soap for the prison. Keep selling soap until you have managed to save just over 500 000 gold coins or have unlocked “Enbesa”.

With the gold coins that you have accumulated, it’s time to start buying and selling pocket watches to other islands. Ketema’s Harbor has a demand for pocket watches and is willing to buy them for 13 312 gold coins per watch.

You can purchase pocket watches from Archibald Blake’s Harbor for 8 320 gold coins each. He has 150 pocket watches available at the time and will continually produce more pocket watches during the game.

Buy watches from Archibald Blake’s Harbor and sell them for a higher price to Ketema’s Harbor.  This trade route will allow you to triple the amount of gold coins that you have, and Ketema’s Harbor will continue to purchase watches from you.

The concept of buying items from one harbor and selling it to another for a higher price will make you money with other items like potatoes and barley.

ImBarnOwls shares a guide on how to make money.

How to Set up a Timber Production


Wood is an essential resource to possess in Anno 1800. For this very reason, it is important to have well-established timber production for your city. Setting up timber production begins with building warehouses near a forest.

It’s best to build two warehouses next to each other so your workers have more than enough space to store your timber. Once you have built warehouses, you must build four sawmills and lumberjack huts outside, on the outskirts of your buildings.

You must then build a road between the two warehouses and connect it to the main travel route. Workers will now be able to access the sawmill and warehouse by your newly built road.

Copy the design of your timber production and paste it throughout the forest. You will then need to build new roads that will connect each timber production site to the other. You may need to plant trees around your timber production site when it starts to look, baron.

To plant new trees around your timber production, you must “Click” on your decoration menu and select “Mixed Trees.” Once you have planted some trees around your lumberjack hut, your production will continue.

BasedContentCreator shares a guide on how to build a timber production.

Choose the Correct Island


Running out of resources will cause people to leave your village, that is why it’s important to choose a village with all the resources you will need from the start. Search for an island with natural resources such as potatoes, oil, grain, iron, and hops.

All these natural resources will sustain your village, and there will be no risk of running out of resources. 

Upgrade Your Citizens


The citizens in your town are what keeps it functioning, all the citizens in your town start off as farmers. In order to advance your production, you’ll need to satisfy the citizen’s needs and upgrade them to workers.

Workers will eventually need to be upgraded into Artisans. However, it is important to remember that you will still need farmers to harvest the crops. The citizens that you have upgraded need to be replaced, otherwise there will be an overabundance of workers.

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