Aliens: Fireteam Elite Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: August 15, 2022
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
  • First Released: Aug 23, 2021

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Unlock Horde Mode and Recon Class


Four classes are available by default, but there is also an unlockable fifth class. Once you beat all four campaigns, you will unlock the Recon class as an option.

Completing all four campaigns will also unlock Horde Mode, where you fight waves of enemies.

Unlock Weapons


To unlock new weapons, you’ll need to earn them as rewards by completing campaign missions, find them in hidden caches in each mission, and buy them with requisition, the in-game currency you’ll earn by playing.

Hidden Caches


Each level contains hidden caches that can be opened for more loot each time you play the mission. They contain valuable things such as weapons, attachments, and more. However, their location is different each time you play the match, so you’ll need to search carefully to find them. There are a few different spots where they will appear, so check out the video below to see all of the locations where you might potentially find a hidden cache.

Basic Tips


The game doesn’t pause when you open the menu, even if you’re playing solo. Leaving the game running while playing solo is especially dangerous, because your AI teammates won’t fight back until you do.

Each loadout, or class, has its own perk grid. This grid allows you to add perks and modifiers to your loadout in order to improve your strength and skills.

Experiment with different loadouts to see which you like the best. Your player level influences your combat rating, so even playing with a class you don’t intend to stick with will still help you improve your combat rating.

Your combat rating is determined by your overall power, based on your loadout, level, and weapon power. Every mission has a recommended combat rating. If your combat rating is lower than the recommended rating, you’ll have a harder time. 

Challenge cards can be used to change a mission in a variety of ways. They come in three different rarities and can be bought from SSGT Park by spending the in-game currency Reputation Scrip or earned by completing daily/weekly tasks known as Tactical Opportunities.

There are two types of currency: Requisition Credits and Reputation Scrip. Both can be earned as you complete missions.

Orange ammo crates don’t run out of ammo. You can keep replenishing your ammo there.

Aid Kits are an incredibly useful resource since they allow you to heal yourself or an ally, but you can only carry one at a time.

AI partners will heal themselves.

If you’re playing multiplayer, you can press down on the d-pad to ping other players and alert them to the location of intel or other useful items.

Stay behind cover when possible, especially in missions where you’re facing synthetics.

If you get caught reloading at a bad time, switching weapons or rolling will cancel the reload.

Different types of ammo is more effective against different types of enemies. Incendiary rounds are effective against xenomorphs, while electric rounds are effective against synthetics.

Dodging is also an important skill to help you avoid taking damage. Most attacks can be dodged with the right timing.

Beware of Prowlers, enemies that don’t show up on your scanner and will try to sneak-attack you. Pay attention to your surroundings and comments from your character that might warn you of a Prowler nearby.

Alien franchise references

Easter Eggs

There are numerous nods and references to other entries in the Alien franchise, beyond advancing the continuity through its story.

  • On the UAS Endeavor, there is a broken Power Loader that a soldier is trying to repair.
  • The Endeavor also includes a room with a desk, upon which you can see one of the small wooden birds that appear throughout the series.
  • In the third campaign’s mission 3, you’ll at one point pass an Engineer ship cockpit (ie, the Space Jockey), one of the most iconic sights from the first movie.
  • In that same mission, there is a flute in the room with the command console that serves as an Intel collectible. This is the same type of flute that was used to work with the Engineer technology in Prometheus.
  • Several other Intel collectibles reference events from the series, including one that references Sevastopol Station from Alien Isolation.
  • Meanwhile, weapon descriptions also reference events from the series, especially events from Aliens.
  • The Working Joe androids, a more-obviously inhuman type of android introduced as enemies in Alien isolation, also return in this game.
  • The drones used by the Recon class, unlocked after beating the full campaign, are the same type of drones deployed in Prometheus.
  • The synthetic character Esther follows the series tradition of the names of new synths introduced in the series progressing in alphabetical order—first Ash, then Bishop, then Call, and then David. However, Elden from the Fire and Stone comic series was previously introduced as the “E” synthetic.

Horde Mode rewards


Reaching Wave 10 of Horde Mode grants you special rewards depending on the difficulty level you unlocked it on. These items are unlocked for all classes, regardless of which you were playing as when you unlocked it.

  • Reach Wave 10 on Intense – Horde Slayer Decal
  • Reach Wave 10 on Extreme – Horde Slayer Outfit
  • Reach Wave 10 on Insane – Horde Slayer Head

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