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Last Updated: July 6, 2021
A Plague Tale: Innocence
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4

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Early sequel tease

Easter Eggs

The sequel was actually teased in an easily missable secret in the game’s epilogue, as there was a brief shot of a boat in the final scene. That on its own wouldn’t have been anything significant, except that the developer and published teased a new project shortly afterwards with the image of the same boat.

References (Lord of the Rings, Dark Souls, God of War, Inception)

Easter Eggs

Numerous small references are hidden throughout the game:

  • An axe that strongly resembles the axe used by Kratos in God of War (2018)
  • A sword stuck into a brazier/bonfire as a reference to the bonfires in Dark Souls
  • The One Ring from Lord of the Rings visible on a desk with the right camera angle
  • A spinning top in the dream sequence, as a reference to Inception
  • Others that may or may not be references, such as a comment about a monster in a well (possible reference to The Ring) and promotional shots similar to those for The Walking Dead

Purpose of the flowers

Easter Eggs

The flower collectibles might be a nod to an old, misguided belief that flowers could ward away the plague by purifying the air.

All Collectible Locations


There are 26 collectibles known as Curiosities hidden throughout the game. Some chapters don’t have any Curiosities, but for the chapters that do, there are two in each one.

  • Chapter I – spices, tablecloth
  • Chapter II – soap, incense
  • Chapter III – brew, The Crusader’s Tabard
  • Chapter IV – hermetic vessel, VITRIOL
  • Chapter V – sickle, Oliphant
  • Chapter VI – sterling pound, Declaration of War
  • Chapter VII – horseshoe, map
  • Chapter VIII – Iconography, Bird Language Manual
  • Chapter IX – sheepskin, Piece of Transis
  • Chapter X – Study of Skinned Person, Theriaque
  • Chapter XII – Harnios Helmet, Family Tree
  • Chapter XIII – rag doll, knight figurine
  • Chapter XVI – Discipline, Inquisitor’s Manual

There are also 11 collectibles classified as Gifts hidden throughout the game.

  • Chapter I – whistle
  • Chapter II – Amulets and Talismans
  • Chapter III – rosary
  • Chapter IV – Diary of an Alchemist
  • Chapter V – Ballastella
  • Chapter VI – knucklebones
  • Chapter VII – vinegar
  • Chapter VIII – Alchemical Crucible
  • Chapter IX – chessboard
  • Chapter X – reading stone
  • Chapter XII – Calamus

There are also 13 Flowers as collectibles hidden throughout the game.

  • Chapter III – carnations
  • Chapter IV – Aquilegia
  • Chapter V – Gladiolus
  • Chapter VII – Hawthorne
  • Chapter VIII – St. John’s Wort
  • Chapter IX – Lavender
  • Chapter X – daisy
  • Chapter XI – rhododendron
  • Chapter XII – Cinquefoils
  • Chapter XIII – daffodil
  • Chapter XIV – Black Nightshade
  • Chapter XV – Rockfoils
  • Chapter XVI – Christmas Rose

If you’re having trouble locating any of the 50 collectibles, use the video guide below for help. You can replay chapters to look for collectibles you missed.

Basic Tips


There are times when you’ll need to leave Hugo alone for a short while, but if this goes on for too long, he’ll start to draw attention. Stay with him as much as possible.

Stealth is a key part of gameplay, and you’ll often want to distract enemies. Hit objects with rocks from your slingshot or throw an object to make a sound that will attract attention and let you sneak past.

Pay attention to the edge of the screen. A yellow glow means a guard is nearby. Red means you’ve been spotted. If it’s filling in white, it means you’re attracting attention. If it’s filling in red, it means you’ll be caught soon.

Crafting is important, and you’ll want to do a thorough job of collecting crafting materials. Explore thoroughly to get as many crafting materials as you can.

There are many upgrades to get, but one of the most important to prioritize is your pockets, which will allow you to carry more items.

If you need to fight, pay close attention to your targeting reticule. It turns yellow if you’re aiming at a target—and this takes into account whether or not ammo will be effective. If it isn’t yellow, it won’t work.

Aim for the head. Enemies are protected by armor, so aiming for the head is your best option, or using different types of ammo to open up a weak point for you to aim at. You’ll also want to strike while undetected, because getting into direct combat is very dangerous.

In general, take your time and think through situations to employ the most effective strategy, instead of rushing through.

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