XCOM 2 Trophies on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Here are our Trophies for XCOM 2 on Playstation 4. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Commander (Platinum) – Unlocked all other XCOM 2 trophies.

Immortal Commander (Gold) – Overthrow the aliens on Legend difficulty.

Valhalla (Gold) – Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty in Ironman mode.

Beginner’s Luck (Silver) – Beat a mission in June or later using only Rookies.

Brutal Collection (Silver) – Skulljack each different type of ADVENT soldier (does not have to be in same game).

Defender of Humanity (Silver) – Overthrow the aliens on Commander difficulty.

Exquisite Timing (Silver) – Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty by July 1st.

Global Resistance (Silver) – Get all of the continent bonuses available in a single campaign.

Heavy Metal (Silver) – Kill an enemy with every heavy weapon in the game (doesn’t have to be in the same game).

Overpowered (Silver) – Beat a mission on Commander+ with a squad of soldiers only of the same class (but not Rookie).

The Few and the Proud (Silver) – Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty without buying a Squad Size upgrade.

The Untouchables (Silver) – Beat the game on Commander+ without losing a soldier.

Who Needs Tygan? (Silver) – Beat the final mission using only conventional gear.

A Better Human Being (Bronze) – Recover the Forge Item.

A Dark Doorway (Bronze) – Recover the Psi Gate.

A Final Stand (Bronze) – Create the Commander’s Avatar.

A God Falls (Bronze) – Kill an Avatar.

A Grim Key (Bronze) – Recover a Codex Brain.

A Horrible Truth (Bronze) – Recover the Blacksite Data.

A Line Crossed (Bronze) – Complete the Avatar Autopsy.

Breathing Room (Bronze) – Kill a Viper who is strangling a squadmate.

Bring It Down (Bronze) – Sabotage an alien facility.

Car Explosion (Bronze) – Cause an enemy to die in a car explosion.

Codebreaker (Bronze) – Build the Shadow Chamber.

Come Back To Me (Bronze) – Kill a Sectoid who is currently mind controlling a squadmate.

Cyberlord (Bronze) – Earn a second tier hack reward.

David and Goliath (Bronze) – Kill a Berserker in melee combat.

Earth Avenged (Bronze) – Overthrow the aliens at any difficulty level.

Excalibur (Bronze) – Completely upgrade a beam weapon with superior grade weapon upgrades.

First Blood (Bronze) – Complete the tactical tutorial.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Bronze) – Apply a PCS upgrade to a soldier.

Have a Nice Trip (Bronze) – Cause an enemy to fall to its death.

Heroes of the Resistance (Bronze) – Beat a Retaliation mission with 3 or less civilian deaths.

Like Clockwork (Bronze) – Complete a successful ambush.

Locked and Loaded (Bronze) – Upgrade a weapon.

Meat Over Metal (Bronze) – Kill a Sectopod on the same turn you encounter it (in Single Player).

Mechlord (Bronze) – Hack a Sectopod.

Nick of Time (Bronze) – Evacuate a soldier whose bleed-out timer is still running.

Now Am I Become Death (Bronze) – Kill 3 enemies in a single turn, with a single soldier, without explosives.

Pile ‘Em Up (Bronze) – Kill 500 aliens. (does not have to be in same game).

Rebel Radio (Bronze) – Build Resistance Comms.

Rise of the Resistance (Bronze) – Make contact with a region.

Room to Grow (Bronze) – Upgrade a facility.

Rumor Hunter (Bronze) – Complete a Rumor.

Shadow Broker (Bronze) – Sell goods worth 1000 supplies to the Black Market (Can span multiple games).

Shen’s Legacy (Bronze) – Build a facility in every Avenger slot.

Stop Hitting Yourself (Bronze) – Kill an enemy with a hacked turret.

The Most Dangerous Game (Bronze) – Play in a multiplayer match.

The Sun Never Sets (Bronze) – Build a radio relay on every continent.

Tinker (Bronze) – Build an experimental item in the Proving Grounds.

With Extreme Prejudice (Bronze) – Skulljack an ADVENT Officer.


“Alien Hunters” DLC Trophies

Enemy Adopted (Silver) – Use a ruler armor ability against an alien ruler.

Not Throwing Away My Shot (Silver) – Kill an alien ruler while it attempts to escape.

Regicide (Silver) – Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter it.

A Forbidden Experiment (Bronze) – Investigate the Abandoned Research Facility.

Archon Annihilator (Bronze) – Kill the Archon Ruler.

Berserker Breaker (Bronze) – Kill the Berserker Ruler.

Deadly Arsenal (Bronze) – Purchase all of the final tier hunter weapons.

Kingslayer (Bronze) – Kill all three alien rulers in a single game.

Now I Am The Master (Bronze) – Use all ruler armor abilities in a single mission.

Viper Vanquisher (Bronze) – Kill the Viper Ruler.


“Shen’s Last Gift” DLC Trophies

A Torch Passed (Silver) – Beat the Lost Towers mission.

Matter Over Mind (Silver) – Defeat an Avatar with a SPARK unit.

Always be Shooting (Bronze) – Hit three shots on a single turn with a SPARK unit after using its Overdrive ability.

Axles to Axles, Bolts to Bolts (Bronze) – Defeat a robotic enemy with a SPARK unit.

Bells and Whistles (Bronze) – Outfit a SPARK unit with the highest tier weaponry and armor.

Just Like Dad Used To Make (Bronze) – Build a SPARK unit.

Make ‘em go Boom (Bronze) – Kill an enemy primed Derelict MEC before it can self-destruct.

Our New Overlords (Bronze) – Promote a SPARK unit to Champion rank.

Rise of the Robots (Bronze) – Complete a mission with three or more SPARK units in the squad.

Running on Fumes (Bronze) – A SPARK unit survives a mission it started with less than half health.


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