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Last Updated: April 16, 2022
WWE 2K19
  • First Released: Oct 8, 2018
  • Genres: Sport, Simulator

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First Locker Code - Go to 'Options' then down to 'Locker Codes'. Enter YSMNRYAYTYHMMC to get 1500 VC points

By: John Morris Comment

AJ Styles Gold


AJ Styles Gold can only be unlocked by completing the AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower.

Unlock Players, Arenas, and Titles


Rather than unlocking things through in-game tasks, you can unlock new players, arenas, and titles by spending VC. VC is an in-game currency that you’ll earn just from playing matches. You also begin the game with 30,000 VC to start you off. Titles are the cheapest, at 300 VC each, each unlockable arena costs 1,000 VC, and the unlockable characters range from 1,000 VC all the way up to 8,000 VC depending on the player.

Note: buying the WWK 2K19 Accelerator DLC also unlocks all of these.

Basic Tips


There are lots of moves available for you to perform. If you want to see and practice them, enter the moves editor. This will show you the moves and how to pull them off, and you’ll also be able to practice.

Stamina is critical to your success. Take care not to let your stamina get too low during a match. You want to conserve your stamina for when you need it.

Likewise, you should focus on improving your stamina, as well as stamina regeneration. This should be one of your top priorities.

Another priority should be reversals. Focus on your reversal stat and make sure you don’t use them up before you need them. A reversal when your opponent is using a major move can save you.

Your reversal bar is reset when you perform one, so you might consider accepting some damage in exchange for filling up the next bar.

Most players have two or three reversals available, although some have up to four or five.

Keep in mind that escaping the ring also uses up a reversal slot, so you don’t want to leave the ring if you really need to keep your reversal.

Certain environment attacks, such as slamming your opponent against the ring post, table, or barricade, won’t get you disqualified. There are also certain conditions under which you can use weapons, though weapons normally result in disqualification.

The new payback system can also help in key situations, but again, you want to save them for when you really need them.

If you’re pinned, don’t mash the buttons. Instead, watch the power meter and wait for it to reach the correct spot for you to escape the pin.

Similarly, you will be penalized for failed pins, so only attempt pinning your opponent when it has a good chance of succeeding.

Taunts have effects, so use them to your advantage. Crowd taunts let you gain more momentum, opponent taunts increase your damage, and wake-up taunts make your opponent get up after being down while still groggy.

In the Showcase matches, you can pause and view your objectives for a detailed explanation of what you’re supposed to do. This is much clearer than the basic instructions that are given, so it’s worth taking a look at.

Special Entrances

Easter Eggs

While you’ll see the players’ normal entrances under most circumstances, there are a few unique entrances you can see when you pick certain players together with certain entrances, as call-outs to those players. Here are a few of the notable ones.

There is a special Tag Team entrance for Finn Balor and the Demon King, due to the Demon King being Finn Balor’s alter-ego. This is found through the entrance called Generic 8 and features the two of them entering in sync.

There is a special Balor Club entrance. To see it, first set up the team, then set the two-man entrance for Gallows & Anderson, and then go to the trio section and set it as the Balor Club. This triggers a unique entrance for them when you start a six-man tag team match.

There is a special Bullet Club entrance that you can find under the name Generic Trio 4.

Questions, Answers and Comments

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I  bought  the  Acceleration  package  but  yet  none  of  the  characters  are  unlocked  and  none  of  the  belts  and  arenas  are  unlocked?
Kingcutter8826, 4 years ago Reply
Go  to  the  purchasables  in  the  game,  it'll  tell  you  to  press  the  square  or  triangle  button  and  then  that'll  unlock  everything  without  making  you  spend  any  points
Alex Dow, 4 years ago Reply
How  to  do  the  unique  entrances  for  balor  club  and  other  unique  entrances  when  picked  superstars  it  doesnt  come  out  nor  trio  options
Benny , 4 years ago Reply
How  do  I  pull  up  my  weapon  wheel  I  go  to  look  under  the  ring  to  grab  a  weapon  in  extreme  rules  and  the  wheel  don't  pop  up  I  need  specific  weapons  for  the  match  I'm  playing
Derrick Opp, 4 years ago Reply
Get  Some  Weapon
Jm Halapeezy, 4 years ago Reply
How  do  I  use  or  unlock  marvel  characters?  Hulk  thanks  etc...
Richard Sanford, 4 years ago Reply
Can  someone  please  tell  me  how  to  get  the  Marvel  characters?
Richard Sanford, 4 years ago Reply
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