WWE 2K Battlegrounds Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Earn Battle Bucks Fast Hints

Battle Bucks are an in-game currency that you can earn in the game to purchase new superstars and many other things. This is the free currency, while there is also a paid currency you can purchase with real money. Here are a few strategies to help you earn free Battle Bucks quickly:

Use Triple H in a one-versus-one exhibition match on easy difficulty against a weaker opponent. This should set up a short, simple match you can easily farm to get lots of Bucks. Once the match is over, you can simply choose “play again.” Due to the fast speed of the matches, you’ll quickly earn a great deal of Bucks.

Play King of the Battleground, which has a good reward of Bucks for the winner and a smaller payout for losing. You don’t have the same guaranteed amounts like in the farming method, but you could potentially earn more Battle Bucks faster.

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Basic Tips Hints

There are daily challenges to complete that will reward you with in-game currency. Try to complete your daily challenges whenever possible.

Learn the combos, stay calm, and perform the combos you want in order to devastate your opponent. Paying attention to timing to pull of parries and counters is another skill that will serve you well.

Pay attention to any interactive parts of the environment that you can use to your advantage. Each arena has its own special features.

There are also objects in the arenas that you can pick up to use as weapons against your opponents.

You can unlock power-ups to use during match once your power meter fills up enough.

You also have a Crowd meter. Pay attention to the reactions of the crowd and perform moves they like in order to please them and increase the Crowd meter. A higher Crowd meter improves your chances of winning.

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