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Last Updated: March 20, 2023
World of Warships: Legends
  • First Released: Aug 11, 2019
  • Genres: Tactical
  • Ratings: PEGI 7,

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Unlock Ships


You unlock ships in sequences based on the tiers they belong to. Therefore, if you want to unlock a particular ship, you’ll need to unlock the previous ships in its tree, earn XP by using that ship (or using Free XP) to unlock the module for the next ship so you can research it.

Easter Eggs on Ships

Easter Eggs

There are many little Easter eggs and secrets to be found on the ships in World of Warships. Here are a few of them:

One of the turrets on the Admiral Hipper has “Glowworm” written on it. This is a reference to the real-life World War II heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper, which was rammed by the HMS Glowworm in a battle.

The Graf Spee has a sign visible from above that reads “Stop Wireless or I Open Fire” next to some dummy guns. This is also a reference to the real-life ship of the same name, which used fake guns to appear like a different type of ship and had the indicated warning written on the ship to warn ships not to communicate about its presence there.

The Perth has a purple koala wrapped around the mast.

The Conqueror has a photo of the queen on the wall.

The Khabarovsk has some Russian money visible on the bridge.

The La Galissonniere contains a tiny model of the Statue of Liberty on the bridge.

Advanced Tips


Once you understand the basics, here are some more tips that will help you progress through the game.

Each ship type has its own role in battle, and different ships have their own strengths. Once you choose your ship, you want to familiarize yourself with its strengths and stats so you know how to best use it. Many useful upgrades are available for your ship as well that you can equip.

You will also need to select your commander. Different commanders are available based on your nation. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with your commander’s perks to pick a good commander for your playstyle.

Complete missions and other objectives to get XP and credits.

Be familiar with the types of ammunition you’re using so you know what to use and how to use it properly based on the situation you find yourself in.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to best use these tips to your advantage and see a demonstration, check out the video guide below.

Basic Tips


While there are multiple game modes, you can always win by destroying all of the enemy ships, so fighting them should always be considered a goal.

In general, you should use AP against ships that are the same type as your or smaller, and HE on larger ships, except for DD ships which take more damage from HE.

Start out with the basics and get used to how the basic gameplay goes before you start incorporating more complex tactics and mechanics.

Angled armor can deflect shots more easily. Therefore, you want to keep your own ship angled whenever possible and try to take flat shots against enemy ships whenever you can.

Map Easter Eggs and Secrets

Easter Eggs

Many of the maps contain little secrets you can find if you explore, including:

  • The real-life ship called the S.S. John W. Brown
  • The real-life schooner called the Alma
  • The real-life yacht called the White Heron
  • The Chateau Frontenac
  • The Citadelle de Quebec
  • The Fortress of Louisbourg
  • Real-life fishing boats
  • The Pena National Palace
  • The Castle of St. George
  • The real-life sailing ship the Carnegie
  • The real-life ship the Starlight
  • The real-life TID-50 tugboat
  • The Trabaccolo da transporto ship
  • The real-life ship the Seven Bells
  • The real-life YTL-710 tugboat

…and lots of other little details that reference ships, locations, and other events in the real world, in general fleshing out the world with details for more realism. For more information about these Easter eggs and the history behind them, check out the videos below.

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