World of Final Fantasy(WOFF) Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: January 11, 2022
World of Final Fantasy
  • First Released: Oct 24, 2016
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Platforms: PlayStation Vita,PlayStation Network (Vita),PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Ratings: ESRB E10+

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Final Fantasy X's laughing scene

Easter Eggs

When you reach the Besaid Region, Lann says it makes him want to laugh out loud. He then laughs in an imitation of Tidus’s infamous forced laughter in Final Fantasy X.

Easy Experience


Since save points restore all of your HP and AP, as well as allowing you to switch the Mirages in your party, you can easily earn experience by fighting battles near save points in dungeons and using your most powerful attacks to wipe out the enemies.

Many dungeons also have a special hidden area with more powerful enemies in it.

You'll never take me alive, copper!

Easter Eggs

The description for the Copper Gnome suggests shouting, “Myeeah, see! You’ll never take me alive, copper!” This is a reference to a quote that was itself a parody of lines said by actors James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson in classic gangster movies. The description goes on to say, “If you got that reference, then congratulations! You are old!”

Saving outside of battle


You can heal from the menu, outside of battle. View your abilities, either stacked or unstacked (stacked allows you to draw from the AP pool of the entire stack), select Cure/Cura/Curaga, and press triangle to use it.

Increasing your capture rate


For most Mirages, you can meet the criteria to imprism them multiple times in the battle to increase your chances of catching them. For example, if you need to use fire attacks to capture the monster, using one fire attack will make it possible, and using a second fire attack will make it more likely. Fulfilling the criteria enough times will eventually give you a guaranteed chance of catching the Mirage.

If the Mirage’s data says “once per battle,” this does not apply. The criteria can only be met once, and you can’t increase your success rate.

Where to get Arma Gems


You can get more Arma Gems beyond those received in the main story by fighting in the post-game dungeons and winning coliseum battles online.


Easter Eggs

The line about how intimidating enemies should taunt you by saying “I will knock you all down!” is a reference to Garland in the original Final Fantasy, whose threat at the start of the game is “I, Garland, will knock you all down!”

The silk dress

Easter Eggs

In Nibelheim, an NPC running a shop says they’re all out of silk dresses. This may be a reference to Final Fantasy VII’s crossdressing sequence, where a silk dress is necessary to be chosen.

Terra's Theme

Easter Eggs

When you ride the Magitek Armor in the snowy Ice Region, the background music changes to a remix of Terra’s theme from Final Fantasy VI. This is a reference to the start of Final Fantasy VI, which is also referenced in the Magitek Armor’s description.

The Labyrinth of Crete

Easter Eggs

The description for the Brothertaur Mirage says that it “wandered out of a labyrinth one day and never looked back.” This is a reference to the Minotaur of Greek mythology, which lived in the Labyrinth.

Sparkling vampires

Easter Eggs

The description for the Vampire Mirage says that it “sparkles when no one is looking.” This is a reference to the Twilight series.


Easter Eggs

The mech-like Mirage called XG is a reference to the Xenogears series.

Kingdom Hearts

Easter Eggs

While many of the full-size characters have styles that resemble the Kingdom Hearts art style, Enna Kros also wears gloves that are nearly identical to the gloves worn by Ansem and Master Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts.

How do you prove that you exist?

Easter Eggs

The description for the Black Mage Mirage ends with “How do they prove that they exist? Maybe they don’t exist…” This is a reference to Final Fantasy IX’s opening quotes. The quote for Vivi asks, “How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don’t exist.”

Vincent Valentine

Easter Eggs

The description for the Cerberus Mirage mentions that “a certain Mr. Valentine packs a gun named after this Mirage,” which is a reference to Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus.

You spoony bard!

Easter Eggs

The description for the Behemoth Mirage mentions “the spooniest bard,” which is a reference to the famous “You spoony bard” line from Final Fantasy IV.

The legendary continent of Mu

Easter Eggs

The description for the Mu Mirage says it “has nothing to do with the legendary continent.” In the 19th century, a writer proposed the existence of a lost continent, which came to be referred to as Mu.

Reaver Mu

Easter Eggs

The description for the Reaver Mu Mirage explains that its name comes from the River Belle, but its name “was mistranslated in that other game.” In Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, the enemies that fight you on the River Belle are called “Reaver Mu.”

The Chocobros

Easter Eggs

The description for the Chocobo Mirage says male Chocobos “are called ‘chocobros’… by no one, if there’s any justice in the world.” This might be a reference to how many fans began referring to the cast of Final Fantasy XV as “the Chocobros.”

EX Dungeons


To unlock the post-game EX dungeons, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Complete all the Intervention Quests offered by the Girl Who Forgot Her Name.
  2. Talk to Serafie before the final battle.
  3. A new cutscene will play after the end credits. Save your game after the cutscene.
  4. Return to the Girl’s Tearoom. You’ll be able to access the EX dungeons from there.

Spoiler-Free Guide to the True Ending


To get the true ending, you must complete the game once normally, save your game after the credits, and then talk to Serafie to unlock the quests about the Pleiades. Once you complete these quests and talk to Serafie again, you’ll get a new side quest called Vestiges of Life. Complete this quest, collect your reward from the Girl’s Tearoom, and then talk to Serafie again to fight the final battles and see the true ending.



True Grymoirian (Platinum) – Obtained every trophy.

Mirage Master (Gold) – Recorded every last Mirage in the Mirage Manual.

All in a Day’s Murk (Silver) – Defeated every last murkrift Mirage.

Battle Fanatic (Silver) – Battled 500 times.

Canon Fodder (Silver) – Obtained every last Champion Medal.

Legendary Caretaker (Silver) – Mastered 100 Mirage Boards.

Mirage Scholar (Silver) – Recorded an inconceivable number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual.

Reigning Champ (Silver) – Defeated every last opponent in the Coliseum.

The End? (Silver) – Reached an ending.

Transcender of Time (Silver) – Completed every last intervention battle.

Treasure Liberator (Silver) – Opened every last treasure chest.

A Helping Hand (Bronze) – Fulfilled a townsperson’s request for the first time.

A Medium Awakens (Bronze) – Obtained your first Champion Medal.

A New Challenger (Bronze) – Won your first Coliseum battle.

Battle Aficionado (Bronze) – Battled 100 times.

Caretaker (Bronze) – Mastered your first Mirage Board.

Mirage Collector (Bronze) – Recorded a large number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual.

Mirage Enthusiast (Bronze) – Recorded a huge number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual.

Mirage Keeper (Bronze) – Imprismed your first Mirage.

People Pleaser (Bronze) – Fulfilled the requests of every last townsperson in need.

Sweet Revenge (Bronze) – Defeated your first murkrift Mirage.

The Power of Fantasy (Bronze) – Completed your first intervention battle.

Thirst for the Undiscovered (Bronze) – Found the secret area in every dungeon.

Threads of Fate (Bronze) – Completed 30 intervention battles.

Time Tamperer (Bronze) – Completed 10 intervention battles.

Treasure Hunter (Bronze) – Opened 100 treasure chests.

Winning Streak (Bronze) – Defeat 30 teams at the Coliseum.

Secret Trophies

Turn Those Corners Up (Gold) – Reached the true ending.

Across the Unknown (Silver) – Braved and completed the new dungeons that appeared.

Crossover Cogna (Silver) – Defeated the Cogna known as XG.

The Dyad’s Servants (Silver) – Brought all seven of the Pleiad back in line.

A Prophecy Fulfilled (Bronze) – Found all of the keys from the Crimson Prophecy.

Accursed Man-thing! (Bronze) – Defeated the Quacho Queen with one of Lann’s attacks.

An Inseparable Pair (Bronze) – Teamed up with Gilgamesh to stop the Bahamutian soldier.

Blitzball Ace (Bronze) – Cleared the sky of uncountable einhänders.

Crimson vs. Azure (Bronze) – Found the first key from the Crimson Prophecy.

Gateway to Adventure (Bronze) – Arrived in Grymoire.

Inking Up a Stink (Bronze) – Defeated Ultros in Tometown.

It’s Just Justice (Bronze) – Joined forces with Shivalry to defeat the Golden Flan.

Love Tap (Bronze) – Defeated the Princess Goblin with the Warrior of Light.

Magitek Knight (Bronze) – Defeated many foes using any Magitek armor.

Never Give Up the Ghost (Bronze) – Defeated the Undead Princess 10 times.

Nine Lives (Bronze) – Added Tamamohimé to your roster.

Soul Eater (Bronze) – Chastised the fugitive Ifreeta.

The Cranberry Knights (Bronze) – Got to the bottom of the “phenomenon” at the Coliseum.

The Fast and the Nebulous (Bronze) – Reached the final chamber of the Nether Nebula in record time.

The Final Reckoning (Bronze) – Learned the location of Castle Exnine.

The Saviors of Cornelia (Bronze) – Repelled the Bahamutian Army.

Zip Zip WHACK! (Bronze) – Thwack a whole bunch of cactuars in a single thrashing.

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