Secret Letters Locations Guide for Wolfenstein: The New Order on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Secret Letters Locations Guide

Secret letters are hidden in some of the chapters. Search the areas described below to find all of them.

  1. Letter #1 - In Chapter 1, when you reach the balcony with the artillery gun, head left, climb up the stairs, and enter the door on the left. Climb up the first staircase and enter a room to your right. Grab the letter from atop one of the bunk beds.
  2. Letter #2 - In Chapter 2, once you head downstairs, go right and enter the doorway to your left. Head forward to find another staircase. Climb until you reach a small hole. Look through the hole to see a secret room, and kill the enemy inside. Next, return to the bottom of the stairs and enter the nearby vent to reach the room and collect the letter from on top of the box inside.
  3. Letter #3 - In Chapter 3, when Keller is your hostage, go to the table and open the drawer to find a pair of goggles inside. Put on the goggles and take the letter that was lying beneath them.
  4. Letter #4 - In Chapter 4, on the balcony before you enter the prison transport, you can jump to the ledge to your left to reach the next balcony. Once there, go through the opened window to get the letter from atop a table in the room beyond.
  5. Letter #5 - In Chapter 7, find Anya and pick up the letter from the bed.
  6. Letter #6 - In Chapter 8, when you reach the open area, enter the building with the people around it, and talk to the person on the bed. You'll need to collect medicine by backtracking to the furnace room, climbing up to the catwalk and crossing to the other side, and entering the room to the right. She'll give you the letter once you return with the medicine.
  7. Letter #7 - In Chapter 9, return to the area where you previously found the letter on the bed, and search the nearby shelf for the next letter.
  8. Letter #8 - In Chapter 10, during the tunnel glider section, use a laser to break through the chains that bar the door and go through. Turn left and leave the glider. To your left, there is a pipe vent with a narrow passage near it. Enter the passage and swim until you reach an above-water area. Keep going on foot until you reach an area with mattresses. The letter is hidden to the right of the rightmost mattress.
  9. Letter #9 - In Chapter 13, during your search for the space suit, go to the northern side of the building and enter the decontamination chamber. From there, go into the circular room and climb the stairs. Upstairs, enter the lab and pick up the letter from a desk on the left side.
  10. Letter #10 - In Chapter 15, go upstairs and search the rooms near the pillar until you find the letter lying beside a bed.