Whispered Flight Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: November 14, 2023

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Whispered Flight
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Nov 3, 2023
  • Genres: Adventure
  • Themes: Kids
  • Ratings: ESRB E

Embark upon a whimsical voyage as a radiant sphere of luminescence, gracefully soaring over the placid waters of a lake cradled within the ancient boughs of a mystical woodland. In pursuit of ethereal lumens, gather your scores under the watchful eyes of the stars, whilst evading the malevolent dark skulls seeking to quench your luminous essence. With a trinity of cherished lives, navigate through the verdant whispers of the old trees, to the gentle cadence of tranquility that accompanies your flight. Delight in the quaint, animated tapestry of nature’s hues as you partake in a casual contest of valor with fellow wanderers upon the leaderboard, in this gentle ballet of light against the encroaching shadow.

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