Burner Phones Locations Guide for Watch Dogs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Burner Phones Locations Guide

Eight Burner Phones can be hacked in the city to hear the conversations between Maurice and the caller. Search the locations described below to find them all and earn the Vespid LE vehicle and the "Sanity Check" achievement.

  1. Phone #1 - This is in Parker Square, but you will find it as a required part of the campaign.
  2. Phone #2 - Go to Pawnee and circle around to the back of the Fish Restaurant. Go inside the blue shack to find the phone on a cabinet.
  3. Phone #3 - Go to the Pawnee Trailer Park and climb onto the two connected trailers to find the phone.
  4. Phone #4 - Go to Pawnee and approach the Crazy Moose Motel. The phone is behind the "L" in the sign.
  5. Phone #5 - Go to the Wards and find the Rossi-Fremont Tenements. Go to the building in the middle, the one with the broken pillars, and climb the stairs to find the phone on the floor.
  6. Phone #6 - Go to Brandon Docks and head southeast to find the Treatment Plant warehouse. There is a container near an open window. Use it to access the building. The phone is on a mattress inside.
  7. Phone #7 - Go to Brandon Docks and enter the white Shipping Warehouse. In the southwest corner of the warehouse, the phone is waiting on a desk.
  8. Phone #8 - Go to the Loop and head to the Shanty Town. Locate the Bunker and then find the workbench. The phone is on a mattress nearby.

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