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Fusing Fusion Cores for Warframe on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Fusing Fusion Cores

Have you ever wondered what can you do with 'fusion cores'? Well if so, read this guide about fusing...

First you must gather fusion cores of any type or gather duplicates of mods you want to fuse. But before knowing how to fuse you have to know what it's purpose is.

Fusing is when there is a mod that you want to make stronger. Lets take the speed trigger mod for example. If you don't like the fire rate given by speed trigger, complaining that your fire rate is still slow. You can enter your arsenal, select the "mods" tab and search for speed trigger on primary mods. Out of the four tabs on the right, select fuse then speed trigger.

You can press R3 to use fusion cores to increase its level and upgrade a default speed trigger (10% fire rate) up to a maxed out speed trigger (90%) and you can press L3 for fusing with duplicates to then have the same results.

This process can be done with any mod.

Use this ability to enhance your weaponry to defeat the mightiest of foes, Tenno.

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