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Last Updated: May 8, 2022

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SPEEDRUN-How to solo Kill Fenrir on day 5 Guides

In order for you to kill Fenrir within 5 days here is a strategy to follow. There are two classes that a player must use for this guide to work. A player must either use the Warden or the Hunter, this is because resources are key to this strategy.

In this strategy, a player must skip the hideout section and do the bare minimum to the village in order for the player to get into Fenrir faster and kill the Fenrir.

Using the Warden a player must tick to the roads and hit as many resources as possible. The roads generally lead to the Sorceress and bridges.

A player must get as many shrines as possible on day one. Once a player has reached 750 souls and they have gained as much materials as they can, they must head back to the camp and upgrade their axe to a silver pickaxe.

The next step is to leave camp and the player must head down a different road and hit a few camps. A player must gain ancient artifacts for the bridge. On day two a player must go back to camp and upgrade their weaponsmith and get a Narnia axe, making sure your character is upgraded to level 3.

Try and get the Frost Yotan first. The legendary associated with the Yotan is that you won't need to upgrade through the Tree of upgrade. A player will need the unfrozen Talisman, raw iron, and a few other things.

By day 3 a player must have killed their yoke and found a bridge, if a player hasn’t found a bridge they must go to their quest screen and click on an easy quest and follow the road and find a bridge.

It is important to find the Sorceress on the beach. There you must buy the hideout fragments. A player must ensure their weapons are at tier three and the weaponsmith as maximum as possible, tier 5 if possible.

A player's armour must be blue feral armour that will give them the cold resistance and allow a player to move around in the cold.

Once a player has the frost Yotun they must go to the cold area on the map and gain unsung talismans. A player must try to get the legendary axe as fast as possible.

If a player needs more ancient artifacts they can find them on the map. A player must look for the gold bars at large camps. There will be witches in there, where a player can access ancient things needed for the bridge.

A player must then go and unlock the bridge. Go across the bridge and unlock the hideouts, only the shrine. The shrine will be located next to the hideout. A player must then leave the area and find a selling merchant and sell everything except their fragments and some materials for potions.

The next step is for a player to go to the sorceress on the beach and buy 5 hideout tags. Once you have everything you need your hideouts will open. It is suggested to use the legendary weapon frozen axe. Go into Fenrir and use the R2 trigger and smash him. It is important to remember that on day 5 a player doesn’t have much time and will most likely have to leave and go back to their tree. On day 7 and 8 there is enough time to defeat Fenrir.

Triple G shows you how you can skip days using this speed strategy


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