Tribes of Midgard Glitches on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: May 8, 2022

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The village glitch Glitches

If a player presses any input buttons while the loading screen is on display there is a glitch that occurs in the village. A player would become invisible in certain areas of the map. If a player was in the village and walked over the wall into the cold area they would disappear until they walked out of the cold area.

Clarke's Clip shows players how to get the glitch

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Fastest ways to gain xp Glitches

The first step is for a player to go to survival mode and search for a world list. Once they are in the world list they scroll to the 40th page. When a player gets close to the 40th page they will find a few worlds that are still open for the public, meaning that a player can join them.

A player must then join one of these games and go to the menu screen and click on the “save and quit” option. So instead of abandoning the world the player must save and quit.

The next step is for the player to now go into other survival modes. Their new world will still be on their display screen. The player can now see on their display screen, that the second world is the world that they just joined.

Then the player must go back to the new world. They must then press abandon and not continue. The trick is to abandon the world so it will allow the player to gain the experience from the match that they just found.

WheatYT talks about the methods of gaining XP.


Seidr Weaver Rune Glitch Glitches

This glitch works when a player has 3 weapons in their inventory and while equipped with 2. A player must go to the War Chest and Hit Place All on the 3rd weapon.

The player must then transfer the equipped weapon number 2 and then weapon number 1. Then immediately after the player must close the War Chest, and they will lose their punch animation. 

The Seidr Weaver rune equipped, the player must now hold the attack button to rapidly fire homing bolts. The damage can be increased by stacking the rune, as well as ranged damage runes, nothing to hide, or the 20% more damage.

Minimobster shows players how to get the glitch


Last Laugh Rune Insane DPS Guide Glitches

The first step to this glitch is to get hold of the Last Laugh Rune. Once a player has the “Last Laugh Rune”, they must click onto the menu, and go to settings. In the settings menu, there are a few options. Scroll down and look for the words “kill your viking (if stuck)”.

This button is important as it is the detonation button. One click= one explosion. Lastly, click it as many times as possible.

Inflictor shows players how to get the glitch


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