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Last Updated: February 8, 2023
Trials Rising
  • First Released: Feb 25, 2019
  • Genres: Racing, Platform

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Hidden signs and riddles

Easter Eggs

Several tracks include hidden signs that, when revealed, show messages related to various theories and mathematicians, such as the value of the Hubble constant. The Trials Rising community has come together to help one another find similar secrets and figure out what they mean.

All Gold Squirrel Locations / Diamond Squirrel Guide


There are 61 golden squirrels hidden throughout the game as collectibles. Collecting all of the golden squirrels is necessary to find the diamond squirrel.

In the Moto Gladiators area, there is a secret area that will only open up once you have all 61 golden squirrels. Once you take the lift down and go through this secret door, you will have a new course to run.

At the end of this course will be another door, this one requiring you to enter three codes. The three codes can be found in Stonehenge, Rally of the Kings, and the Temple of Trials, written in the environment for the squirrel courses in each of those levels. If you don’t want to look for them, the codes are:

  • Stonehenge: Right, Left, Down, Right
  • Rally of the Kings: Down, Left, Up, Down
  • Temple of Trials: Left, Right, Up, Right

Entering all of these successfully will open another secret door, giving you access to one final track. Complete this track to be rewarded with the diamond squirrel.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the squirrels, including the diamond squirrel, use the video guide below for help.

Temple of Trials riddle

Easter Eggs

It is common for the Trials series to have long-running riddles as secrets for fans to figure out, and Trials Rising is no exception. It has five mysterious rooms that seem to have no purpose (yet are accessed through the use of portals that must be activated), but fans realized four of the rooms contained music that could be adapted into a code to enter in the Temple of Trials room. This in turn revealed another coded message. It’s still unknown what this message means, but the two things shown are believed to have connections to Drake’s Formula and unknown coordinates.

Oil Say secret message

Easter Eggs

The DLC track Oil Say has a secret message that can only be accessed if the player waits for the in-game timer to read 01:07:00 and then accelerates, which transports you to a new area. You then must drive for roughly 20 minutes until you’re transported yet again, at which point bailing out will reveal a secret message. The meaning of this message/riddle is still unknown. However, it could be linked to some of the game’s other riddles.

Hendrik Lorentz secret references

Easter Eggs

The DLC tracks Faire Play and Feudal Fun contain new secret messages, one of which is the birth date of physicist Hendrik Lorentz and the other of which references an “L violation,” which may be a shortened form of “Lorentz violations,” a type of study related to the work of the same physicist.

Diamond Medal


While the game shows you conditions for unlocking bronze, silver, and gold medals, you can also unlock platinum medals by doing a race especially well. However, if you manage to complete a race with a perfect run, you will earn a diamond medal.

A diamond medal can also be unlocked through the Power Bike skill game, which allows for some mistakes and is therefore an easier way to get a diamond medal.

Unlock Ninja Tracks / Unlock Final Tracks


As you gain levels and complete stadiums, you will unlock new and more challenging tracks. The ninja league tracks are unlocked by earning a gold medal on every extreme track and completing all other available tracks. The final set of tracks will unlock once you get gold medals on the extreme ninja tracks.

Items and Gear


Items can be bought using the game’s in-game currency, although they are also available through the use of microtransactions. In-game currency can also be used to refresh the contents of a loot box to try again. However, due to the price of doing this, it’s better in most cases to keep whatever you got and save your currency for buying specific items instead.

Basic Tips


Different bikes have different strengths and feels. Experiment with different ones to see which works best for your playstyle.

Use the tutorials to learn different aspects of gameplay—and get bonus XP for completing them.

Try to avoid using the brakes too much, since speed is essential. Adjust your acceleration to slow down and use the brake only when necessary.

However, you don’t want to drive at full acceleration all the time, either. Learn how much acceleration you need to go fast without spending a lot of time in the air when you hit a jump.

You also might consider using the brakes when you reach a jump to avoid losing too much time in the air.

Leaning forward while going uphill and backward while going downhill will increase your speed.

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