Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Unlockables on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Secret WWII Uniform Unlockables

From Foggy Bottom, you can find a point of interest west of the safe house that leads to the sewers, from which you can then reach a bunker. Inside the bunker, a woman will give you a bonus mission, which you can complete to unlock a World War II uniform.

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Unlock All Keychains Unlockables

You can unlock new keychains by completing certain tasks, while others are dropped by enemies or looted in specific locations.

Chess Pieces – Control ever Control Point on World Tier 4 at the same time.

Conflict Symbol – Reach the Maximum Level for Conflict.

DC Flag – Reach Commendation Tier 5.

East DZ – Awarded for getting disavowed agent kills in East DZ.

South DZ – Awarded for getting disavowed agent kills in South DZ.

West DZ – Awarded for getting disavowed agent kills in West DZ.

Gavel – Rescue the President and bring him back.

Rogue Coin – Enter the special Rogue Agent Safe House in DZ or by access the Rogue Agent terminals; this will be randomly awarded.

Traffic Cone – Clear all Contaminated Zones.

Armpatch and Dogtags – Drops from the last True Sons boss in the “Capitol Hill” stronghold.

Blood Vial – Found in a dresser ahead of the underground tunnel in the “Roosevelt Island” stronghold.

Gold Bar – Found in a safety deposit box in the fault in the “Treasury” mission.

Hunter’s Axe – Found in the locked Ivory Chest in the White House, along with an exotic weapon, which you can unlock with the eight Ivory Keys you get from killing every Hunter boss.

Lincoln Bust – Found in a container in the gift shop during the “Lincoln Memorial” mission.

Plushie Flower – In the Campus settlement at Settlement Level 2, you can find it in the new area above the stage in a container.

Plushie Hippo – In the Theater settlement at Settlement Level 2. Then, you can find it in the new area above the leader’s room in a box.

Skeleton – Found by checking the model skeleton in the lower floor of the morgue during the “DCD Headquarters” mission.

Space Shuttle – Found on a shelf near the crashed shuttle in the Air and Space Museum.

Capitol Building – Awarded for completing the activities in the Open Beta.

Supply Crate – Awarded for playing Dark Zone East in the Open Beta.

Teddy Bear – Pre-order bonus for the PC version of the game.

US Flag – Awarded if you have the maximum Shield Tier in the first The Division.

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Dark Zone safe houses Unlockables

While in an unoccupied Dark Zone, you can activate 10 terminals to mark Dark Zone safe houses on your map.

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