Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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All Hydden Hotel locations Hints

There are several buildings called “Hydden Hotels” throughout the city. If you find all of them and “check in” at each one by pressing the button, go to the Washington Monument. This will let you force open an elevator and rappel down to a secret room, where you’ll find a weapon and a written message that appears to be from survivors who had to leave.

If you’re having trouble finding all of the Hydden Hotel locations, use the video guide below for help.

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How to get the Merciless exotic rifle Hints

If you’re trying to get the Merciless exotic rifle, it has a chance of dropping from the final boss of the Jefferson Trade Center SHD mission while playing on hard, as well as from Hyena bosses.

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All Secret Hunter Mask locations and solutions Hints

There are 12 Secret Hunter Masks hidden in various locations. To get each mask, you will first need to interact with the correct location, complete any indicated tasks, then fight the Hunter bosses that spawn to get the masks. Several masks can be found together or near each other.

The interactions required to trigger the mask battles range from saluting specific graves to interacting with specific computers. You will see static if you perform the interaction correctly.

Note: the majority of masks can only be obtained at night, except for the Demon mask, which can only be done during the day.

If you’re having trouble finding the masks or figuring out any of the tasks to obtain the secret masks, use the video guide below for help.

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Easy Money (Supply Rooms) Hints

Supply Rooms renew their item supplies every 24 hours of real-world time. Since you can fast travel to Supply Rooms, this makes it easy to visit them every day to collect the items, which you can then either keep, deconstruct for parts, or sell for easy money.

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How to get all 52 cards Hints

There are 52 collectible cards you can get by fighting named enemies with yellow health bars in the open world area. Each enemy will drop one card, though the card you get is random. However, only one of these enemies will spawn every 30 minutes of real-world time, and they can disappear if you die while fighting them. The bright side is that they spawn in the same locations. Therefore, you can defeat one to get its card and then simply wait there 30 minutes until it respawns to fight it again.

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