Titanfall 2 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: August 11, 2019
Titanfall 2
  • First Released: Oct 27, 2016
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Eject Lines

Easter Eggs

When you eject from your Titan, your character usually shouts one of a few standard eject lines. However, there are several lines you have a chance to hear that reference movies and other media, such as:

  • “Second star to the right.” – This is a reference to Peter Pan.
  • “Go get ‘em, tiger.” – This could be a reference to Spider-Man 2, although the phrase is used in many different places.
  • “Code zero-zero-zero-destruct-zero.” – This is a reference to the original Star Trek series, where that code is used to initiate a destruct sequence.
  •  “Make it so.” – This line is most likely a reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  •  “Authorization Alpha-Alpha 3-0-5.” – This is yet another Star Trek reference, this time to Star Trek: Nemesis.
  • “Never give up. Never surrender.” – This is a catchphrase used in the movie Galaxy Quest (which is itself a parody of shows like Star Trek).
  • “Nothing but the rain.” – This line is a reference to Battlestar Galactica, when Starbuck is asked what he hears.
  • “Sometimes, you have to roll a hard six.” – The phrase “hard six,” which comes from dice, is a combat phrase that refers to the necessity of taking risks and making sacrifices in combat. The line was popularized by Battlestar Galactica.
  •  “Fly, you fool.” – This is a reference to Lord of the Rings, in which Gandalf shouts for the others to “Fly, you fools!”
  •  “In case of doubt, attack.” – This quote comes from General George S. Patton.
  • “You’re never beaten until you admit it.” – This is another quote from General Patton.
  • “Wrong us, shall we not revenge?” – This line comes from Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice, in which Shylock asks “And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”

When to Eject


Pay attention to your Titan’s energy. If it’s about to explode, you should eject before that happens.

Dinosaur Toy

Easter Eggs

In the training area, go through the long tunnel. When you reach the area on the other side, head to the floating rock monument and climb onto it to find a stuffed dinosaur toy.

Hidden EPG


During the Pilot Certification Training tutorial, you can find an EPG above the gun range across from the group of targets.



Mark of the Advocate (Platinum) – Earned all trophies.

Every Nook and Cranny (Gold) – Find All Collectibles.

Legendary Pilot (Gold) – Complete the Campaign on Master.

Certified Pilot (Silver) – Complete the Campaign on Regular.

Collector (Silver) – Find 25 Collectibles.

Renowned Pilot (Silver) – Complete the Campaign on Hard.

...Becomes the Master (Bronze) – Place in the top 3 on the Gauntlet scoreboard.

Aim Bot (Bronze) – Destroy a Titan with your Smart Core in the Campaign.

Angel of Death (Bronze) – Destroy a Titan with your Flight Core in the Campaign.

Annihilation (Bronze) – Kill 25 infantry in 2 seconds as a Titan in the Campaign.

Apex Predator (Bronze) – Perform a melee takedown while cloaked in the Campaign.

Coup de Grace (Bronze) – Destroy a Mercenary Titan with a melee execution in the Campaign.

Cowboy Up (Bronze) – Rodeo an enemy Titan in the Campaign.

Excessive Force (Bronze) – Destroy a Titan with your Burst Core in the Campaign.

Face Melter (Bronze) – Destroy a Titan with your Laser Core in the Campaign.

Fire Everything! (Bronze) – Destroy a Titan with your Salvo Core in the Campaign.

Flame On! (Bronze) – Destroy a Titan with your Flame Core in the Campaign.

Free Association (Bronze) – Join a multiplayer network.

Hat Trick (Bronze) – Destroy 3 enemy Titans with 1 Core ability in the Campaign.

I have the Power! (Bronze) – Destroy a Titan with your Sword Core in the Campaign.

I know Kung Fu (Bronze) – Shoot and kill 3 enemies in a row while wallrunning as a Pilot in the Campaign.

It Was Coming Right For Us (Bronze) – Kill a Caged Prowler in the Wildlife Research Labs.

Jack of All Trades (Bronze) – Collect all of BT’s loadouts in the Campaign.

Lock and Load (Bronze) – Customize a multiplayer loadout.

Off the Beaten Path (Bronze) – Find 10 Collectibles.

Power Slide (Bronze) – Shoot and kill 3 enemies in a row while sliding as a Pilot in the Campaign.

Robot Army (Bronze) – Acquire 6 or more friendly Stalkers at the same time in the Campaign.

So It Begins... (Bronze) – Win a multiplayer match.

The Student... (Bronze) – Beat Pilot Anderson’s Gauntlet ghost recorder time.

You can be my Wingman anytime (Bronze) – Destroy an enemy Titan as a Pilot in the Campaign.

Secret Trophies

The Graduate (Bronze) – Completed training.

BT Prime (Bronze) – Fully Powered BT-7274.

Hot Mess (Silver) – Defeated Kane.

Close Shave (Bronze) – Kept Lt. Shaver and Lt. Freeborn Alive.

Some Shortcut! (Bronze) – Entered the World Foundry.

Incepted (Bronze) – Climbed the Sideways Town.

I’m Not Locked in Here With You (Bronze) – Defeated the Reapers in Ash’s Simulation Dome.

Dust to Dust (Silver) – Defeated Ash.

Following the Footsteps (Bronze) – Viewed Anderson’s first Holographic Log.

Secret Plans (Bronze) – Completed Special Operation 217.

Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator (Bronze) – Found the Arc Tool.

Calling CQ (Bronze) – Powered the Beacon.

4 Bars (Bronze) – Retrieved a working Uplink Module.

See You at the Party (Silver) – Defeated Richter.

Pied Piper (Bronze) – Activated a Stalker rack.

Precious Cargo (Bronze) – Located the Ark.

Defanged (Silver) – Defeated Viper.

The Ark (Bronze) – Secured the Ark.

Titanfall! (Bronze) – Called in a new BT.

The Real Pilot’s Gauntlet (Bronze) – Completed the rising world run.

No Salvage (Silver) – Defeated Slone.

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How  do  you  pass  the  typhon  wallrun/wall  jump    Portion  of  the  level..  you  have  to  jump  from  one  side  to  the  other,  4  times  to  pass  that  part.  The  problem  is  it  won't  let  me  wallrun  on  the  left  side  of  the  corridor..  what  do  I  do?  And  how  do  I  beet  it??
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