Titan Quest Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 11, 2022

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Basic Tips


Clear out areas and explore instead of heading straight to your goal. The experience and loot you’ll get will be quite helpful. Side quests in particular will help.

Instead of picking up each loot item individually, you can hold down the button near a group of items to open up a window that shows everything in that group.

White shrines will reward you with experience, which is especially helpful early on.

Don’t max out a single skill right away. Try to put at least one point into several different skills, to increase your options and to boost your stats more.

Resistance and damage are both important. Aim for a balance when choosing gear, instead of focusing on one over the other.

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I  am  trying  op  figure  out  if  this  is  a  glitch,  or  a  part  of  the  game.  I  am  level  30,  have  Earth  and  Spirit  as  my  chosen  skills.  I  was  fighting  tigermen  outside  of  Chang'an  and  I  noticed  that  my  mana  was  draining  really  fast.  That  had  never  happened  before,  I  defeated  the  bad  guys  and  it  was  still  happening.  I  turned  off  some  of  my  spells  that  I  had  on  and  my  mana  stopped  dropping,  however  it  was  not  refilling  as  it  should  have  been.  I  figured  out  that  when  I  turn  on  spirit  ward  and  I  am  wielding  my  staff,  the  energy  drops.  This  has  never  happened  before.  I  also  noticed  that  when  I  switch  to  my  sword,  the  same  thing  happens  but  with  a  spell  from  my  Earth  mastery,  not  from  the  spirit  ward.  If  I  turn  these  spells  off  the  man  does  not  drop,  but  if  I  use  my  mana  it  is  not  refilling  like  it  should.  Not  sure  what  to  do  about  it.
Brittany Erickson, 3 years ago Reply
We also have a page for this game on....