Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 14, 2022
Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure
  • First Released: Nov 8, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 16

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An easy way to gather some currency real quick!


Max out Currency Fast!
In this video, I’ll show you a really, really easy way to farm Seraph Chrystals and Eridium extremely quickly.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to be sure that you’ve beaten this Standalone on Normal mode. 

Once you did, we going to be acquiring a mission which is called “Raiders of the last Boss” then head over to the “Llair of Infinite Agony” where we will be making our way to “The Winged Storm” which is where this farm is going to take place. Before you get here you are going to need at least 20 Eridium to start Eridium farming. 

Yes, you need Eridium to farm Eridium. With the addition of Seraph Chrystals being dropped from just about every enemy which is insanely quick to do!

And seeing that you've already been here you won't have to kill the Boss again, so just follow my path in the video.

In a nutshell, we are going to be farming the mimic room track my movement in the video to get to this room which is shown on the map.

So just outside the archway, there is going to be a rock there, next to the locked chests, Jump on this rock and then onto the next one, once you get to the top just strafe onto the ledge, which is extremely easy to do and then from there just follow me in the video to the Mimic Room.

So entering the Mimic Room, this is where our runs are going to take place, it will simply wee a rinse and repeat the cycle of spawning in going into the mimic room, which as you can see the gate is still locked, so this is a way to bypass your way in. And all you basically need to do is open every single Mimic Chest, and just a reminder all of the chests in this room are rigged, none of them are real.

And in this case, the chests work out very very well for you. With the addition of Seraph Chrystals dropping from enemies and needing Eridium for the Lootapult as you can see, all of these Mimics are going to come in handy. It does not matter which level these Mimics are because we are only after their Seraph Chrystals and Eridium so basically wah I’m going to do is place down a turret and maybe chuck a grenade, and I want you guys to see for yourself what happens here when they all die, there is just an explosion of Seraph Chrystals and Eridium. Then all you gonna do is mass pick up.

And that’s how you do this.

Dragon Keep - SUPER EASY Eridium and Seraph Crystal FARM! - Max out Currency Fast!
By: Jonathan Nestler Comment

How to effectively Gunzerk for 90 Seconds properly.


Gunzerk Continuously For 90 Seconds
Today we are going after a One-Shot Adventure Trophy called So much blood where you need to Gunzerk continuously for 90 seconds.

Gunzerking can be Performed as Salvador and in order to be able to Gunzerk for 90 seconds you need to be at least level 12, so play the game until then.

After that, you will need to go to Flame Rock Refuge use the Quick Change Station and reset your skill points, now the skill points you’ll need to get this done as easily as possible are Inconceivable, Last Five Shots or Six, Steady As She Goes and Yippy Kai Yay. Which are all found in the Rampage Skill Tree in the middle one.

Now a standard Gunzerk lasts for 20 seconds, then with the last longer skill that's 35 seconds in total meaning that the Yippy Kai Yay skill gives you three seconds per kill. You will need to achieve at least 19 kills to go over the 19-second mark. Which is easiest done in the Immortal Woods area.

Now once you have these skills acquired you then news to ensure that in the four weapons slots you have two powerful large clip weapons, which are different so either an SMG and a Pistol or an Assault Rifle and a Shotgun. To avoid not killing while reloading.

Now for those of you that are not very clued up with Gunzerking, slots one and two will be your initial weapons and then if you are pressing triangle of Y you will then use slots three and four.

Now once you are in the Immortal Woods head right, then take down every single night and skeleton in the area that you can find, so you will easily be able to get over the 90-second mark, killing about 30 enemies rather than just the 19 required.

Then once you have Gunzerked for 90 seconds or more your Trophy or Achievement will unlock.

So if you are struggling with this you’ll need to level up, you need to be at least level 12 to have enough skill points to get you the skills required to push yourself over the 90-second mark as a minimum.

If you are struggling with Salvador at your current skill level you will have to get him up to level 35 anyway if you are after the Platinum or 100 of your gaming score.

So yeah, very best of luck getting it done.

Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep: So Much Blood! Guide: Gunzerk Continuously For 90 Seconds
By: Jonathan Nestler Comment

How to defeat the Ancient Dragons Of Destruction effortlessly.


Vanquish The Ancient Dragons Of Destruction
Today we're going after an adventure trophy, Make it Raid. We need to vanquish the

Ancient Dragons of Destruction. Remember the Ancient Dragons are an optional side-quest that only becomes available from Mr. Talk after you've completed the main story in the game.

I recommend that you go off and complete the game on True Vault Hunter Mode as well just so that you'll be well and truly leveled up, and if you can beat the campaign on True Vault Hunter Mode you should then be powerful enough to be able to take down the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Now depending on what character you play may determine whether or not you're going to have an easier time of it or a much more difficult time. Maya and Zero are a little bit crap when it

came taking down the Dragons, whereas Salvador to a degree and Krieg were not too bad depending on how you build them out. 

So to get this one done you will initially need 20 Eridium to be able to start the fight but I recommend having at least 40. You're going to need to replenish your ammo as you're going through the fight as it's a long one.

Once you're all set with your Eridium go through to the Lair of Infinite Agony, go through the initial area and then touch the cog on the right which will open up the set of doors leading down into the swamp. Go up and around to the right where you can then press another cog leading you through to a statue walk up to the statue and place your 20 Eridium in the bowl which will then open, on the way to the Winged Storm area now in the original borderlands.

20 Eridium every time you want to go back in, now as for taking down the Dragons as you go in there you're gonna have four dragons to take on. 

They are Helianth Boost Brood and Incinerator and I recommend that you try and take them down in a certain order which will give you a much easier time taking them down. Although this is the best-case scenario. 

You will get ambushed by a few skeletons but you can either deal with them or just simply run past them, drop down into the elevator shaft and then go forward into the Wing Storm area, where you basically need to follow the path around to the right drop-down accept the contract where the fight will then begin.

The easiest way to take these guys down is every so often one of the dragons will land on the arena. They'll either land on one of the edge points or they'll land directly in the middle and either start attacking you.

I try and leave Brood alive until the end, as it's the only dragon that spawns smaller enemies allowing you to get that vital second wind if you're playing for.

Throughout the area, there are kinds of little relic points that you can go up to spend five Eridium and it will either boost your defense or give you some more vital ammunition.

This fight is designed to be a difficult one. These dragons have been purpose-built to mess up your day. There's not really much else I can say for this one to be honest.

You'll see in the footage what I do and how I do it so very best of luck in taking down the Ancient Dragons to Destruction.

Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep: Make It Raaaaaid: Vanquish The Ancient Dragons Of Destruction
By: Jonathan Nestler Comment

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