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Last Updated: October 1, 2023

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Miscellaneous Hints & Tips


  • The "one-hit stun" Focus power is useful if you cannot avoid combat.
  • White marks on a wall often indicate a place where you can climb up. Cracks in the wall mark narrow passages you can fit into.
  • If there are birds nearby, they will alert the guards if they notice you. Shoot them with arrows to silence them.
  • If you kill or incapacitate a guard carrying a torch or lantern, which would allow you to be seen even in the shadows, the light will go out.
  • If guards have spotted you and are coming after you, find a high place or a small crawl space to escape and hide until the guards abandon the chase.
  • When you aren't on a mission, explore the City to find more treasure, merchants, and shortcuts to help you navigate between areas.
  • Optional missions taken on in the City often will provide you with a lot of gold. Basso will give you many easy side missions. Ector and Vittori are just two characters who will give you difficult and profitable missions.
  • If you need to earn more gold, find treasures you overlooked, or finish Thieving Challenges you missed, you can always replay missions just by entering them again.
  • When you aim your bow, your arms will tire after a while. If it starts to waver, cancel by pressing LT (Xbox One) / L2 (PS4) and moving, or by pressing B (Xbox One) / Circle (PS4). You can then aim again.
  • You can throw glass objects to distract nearby guards.
  • If you enter a closet or cabinet to hide, the game will save. Therefore, you can enter closets to quickly give yourself a checkpoint.
  • When you are playing a challenge map, do not stun or fight guards. Your score will be greatly lowered if you do.
  • When you are playing a "Chain" game, check to see where all the items are in the room before you start stealing, so you can locate them all quickly and earn the maximum chain.
  • Use the wirecutters to disarm traps.
  • Use the wrench to open ventilation shafts and other passages.
  • Whenever you find a document, read it carefully to see if it contains any clues that will help you find new areas or treasures.
  • Don't forget that items, paths, etc. can be hidden above or below you. Always scan the entire environment.

Proceed Slowly


Proceed slowly through missions. Take your time to plan out strategy, study the environment of each new area, and learn the patrols taken by guards. Always have a place in mind to hide if you are discovered.



Focus reveals treasures and traps in the area, along with environmental items you can use. However, Focus depletes your energy, so you can't use it constantly. You can go to the Queen of Beggars to buy Focus Points, which you can use to unlock additional Focus abilities, such as noticing threats on the other side of walls, faster pickpocketing, stronger combat moves, and more. Work on maximizing your Stealth first, although it is also good to pick up a level of Intuition and one of Dexterity.

Help from Items


There are many items that will help you on your missions.

  • Rope arrows - These can help you reach new locations, some of which may contain treasure.
  • Water arrows - Use these to extinguish torches.
  • Blunt arrows - Use these to activate switches and distract guards in the area.
  • Broadhead arrows - These are good for ranged headshots to kill your enemies.

Sword-Carrying Guards


Guards that carry swords are dangerous in close combat. Guards that carry crossbows have dangerous ranged attacks. Chainmail armor is harder to pierce than leather armor, and helmets make headshots more difficult, as only a few areas are left vulnerable.

Easy Something to Prove Trophy


To easily get the "Something to Prove" trophy play on Master difficulty, with forced chapter saves (180 difficulty points), specialty arrows only (50 difficulty points), no kills (170 difficulty points), expensive resources (70 difficulty points), no Focus (50 difficulty points), no food (100 difficulty points), stealth takedowns only (50 difficulty points), and no reticule (30 difficulty points). With this setup, you can upgrade items and take damage, but you will have to run whenever the guards see you and you won't be able to save during missions.

Stay in Shadows


Stay in the shadows whenever possible to remain undetected. The circle in the left-hand corner of the screen will be dark if you are deep enough in the shadows to be safe. When you have to pass through an area that is lit, you can use your swoop action to get through without wasting any more time than necessary, but there are often alternate routes you can take. Garrett's Focus ability can help you see useful things you might have otherwise overlooked, such as ladders, walls you can climb, narrow gaps you can fit through, and more. You can also use water arrows to extinguish torches and blunt arrows to turn off lights, to reduce the number of lit areas you must pass through.

Making Noise


Try not to make noise. Move slowly or crouch and sneak to be as quiet as possible, especially if guards are in the area. Check the ground before you proceed, to make sure it isn't covered by broken glass or other substances that will make noise.

Steal Everything


Steal everything you see to sell later on to merchants, so you can get gold to buy advantageous tools and upgrades. There is no cap on your inventory. As soon as you have enough gold, you should buy the wrench, the razor, the painting knife, and the wirecutter.

Earning Money


Follow the tips below to earn money.

  • Of course you will get money as you complete the main story missions, but you should also do side missions to earn more money. In between missions, explore the city for additional treasures.
  • Always loot dead or unconscious enemies.
  • Shiny objects are worth a lot of money. Pick up every one you see.
  • When you are on the streets of the city, keep an eye out for coins and wallets lying on the ground.
  • Whenever you see a locked chest, safe, or door, pick the lock. The rewards are likely worth your time and effort.
  • During missions, steal enemies' supplies to either use or sell.
  • If you have any weapons or items you never intend to use, sell them.

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