Earning More Gold Guide for Thief on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Earning More Gold Guide


  • Intuition I - With this, loot will be marked out in blue when you view an area with Focus, including loot-containing satchels worn by guards. Guards and other dangers will be marked out in red.
  • Intuition II - When you view an area with Focus, blue handprints will appear near levers that reveal hidden loot.
  • Dexterity I - With this, you can pickpocket more items from a single target with less risk of being caught.

General tips:

  • When you pick a lock, the noise can wake up guards sleeping nearby. Extinguish torches and switch off lights. Without lights, the guards are more likely to return to sleep instead of chasing you.
  • Only try to pickpocket one guard at a time. If two are together, use some sort of distraction, such as tossing a bottle or extinguishing a light, to draw them apart. Then you can go after them one at a time.