The Surge 2 Unlockables on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Tools and Abilities Unlockables

Special tools and abilities can be unlocked to give you access to new areas and other helpful benefits.

EMP-44 Starfish – This lets you unlock magnetic locks. You get it by defeating Little Johnny.

Force Hook – This lets you travel down exo-wires. It can be found in the abandoned city, by accessing the lift near the area with children’s decorations.

Lifter Hook – This lets you travel up exo-wires. You’ll get it from an NPC after meeting Brother Eli for the second time.

Special attack – This lets you break through certain walls. It is unlocked after you return to CREO University as part of the plot.

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All V2.0 Weapons Unlockables

When you fight bosses, you can get special V2.0 weapons by fighting the boss in a particular way. Each has a secret way of winning, which rewards you with a V2.0 weapon. These special weapons and powerful and well worth pursuing.

  • Little Johnny’s Forceps V2.0 – Cut off Little Johnny’s claw arms during the fight.
  • Helix of the Delver V2.0 – Break Delver’s armor during the fight. It doesn’t matter if the armor is restored, as long as you broke each piece at least once.
  • General’s A.C.U. V2.0 – Use the alternate method to defeat General Ezra by cutting off one of his arms. You can also get the Vulc-88 “Panthera” Rotary Gun by destroying his mech’s flamethrower.
  • Icon of the Spark V2.0 – Sever both of Matriarch Celeste’s mechanical arms before defeating her.
  • Greatblade of the Archangel V2.0 – Break all of Archangel Eli’s armor during the fight.

If you’re having trouble beating the bosses in the correct way to get the V2.0 weapons, the video guides below show you how to do it.

There is also one additional V2.0 weapon available not connected to boss fights.

  • Warren’s Redemption V2.0 – Complete all of Warren’s quests.

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