The Surge 2 Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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All Sniper Locations Hints

There are five snipers in the game using turrets to attack. If you take down all five, you’ll get the achievement/trophy called Counter-Sniper. If you’re having any trouble finding the five sniper locations, use the video guide below for help.

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All Combat Drone Modules Hints

There are twelve combat drone modules you can find and collect in order to get the achievement/trophy called Swiss Army Drone. Note: there are also drone attachments available for you to collect. However, these don’t count toward the achievement/trophy and aren’t required. If you’re having any trouble finding the combat drone module locations, use the video guide below for help.

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Basic Tips Hints

Med bays are where you’ll respawn when you die and also where you can upgrade your character and gear. Scrap can also be banked at a med bay so you don’t lose it when you die. Bank it in order to store it there for when you want to lose it later.

The flipside of banking Scrap is that it’s a risk-reward system. The longer you go without banking your Scrap (or losing it), the more Scrap you’ll get.

Make sure to balance your stats. Each stat is valuable, and since you get decreasing returns as you increase a stat, it’s better to approach them in a more balanced way.

Energy builds up as you attack enemies. This means it’s often in your best interest to play offensively rather than defensively.

Drones are very helpful. Make good use of them, especially if you’re trying to sever an enemy’s limbs or target its weak points.

Speaking of which, severing limbs is highly encouraged. You can get special loot, including powerful weapons and upgrades for your armor.

It’s also important to learn how to parry. Parrying is not only helpful in regular combat, but lets you stun bosses by parrying their attacks a certain number of times, as indicated by the number of shields the boss has.

You’ll often find new weapons. Switch out your old weapon for a better one whenever you can.

Be sure to explore thoroughly in order to find not only items, but also shortcuts that will help you quickly return to your previous location if you die. Each area has numerous shortcuts, so keep your eyes open.

You’ll also come across plenty of areas you can’t access yet until you get a particular tool or skill. Try to remember where these spots are so you can backtrack to them later.

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