The Sinking City Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Basic Tips Hints

Keep at least one first-aid kit with you whenever possible.

Pay attention to both your health and your sanity bar.

Avoid combat whenever you can, especially early in the game when you aren’t as prepared for battle.

Choices have story consequences, so save ahead of conversations in case you want to reload and make a different decision.

The game won’t necessarily tell you where to go, so read the descriptions of evidence carefully to decide your next move.

Pay attention to the hobo signs around the city. An H means you can go inside the building, a grid means there’s an item there, and the symbol with an M inside a diamond means it marks an infested area.

Avoid swimming whenever possible—the eels in the water will attack you.

Locations marked with a magnifying glass are important. Explore then and investigate them. You’ll be rewarded with experience for doing so, as well.

If you notice a distortion effect, use Mind’s Eye to see what is there.

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How to Fast Travel Hints

Phone booths are used for fast travel. They aren’t marked on the map until you find them but you should look for a phone booth whenever you enter a new area. However, fast travel points you haven’t found yet will show up on your compass once you’re nearby.

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