The Last Kids On Earth and The Staff Of Doom Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: October 22, 2022
The Last Kids On Earth and The Staff Of Doom
  • First Released: Jun 3, 2021

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Cheat Engine


The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom is a thrilling game with loads of cheats. The cheats, however, don’t work on the game directly. But you can use a trainer or cheat engine to activate cheats on the game.

A great trainer we suggest is Plitch trainer. Plitch offers a number of free and premium cheats that are easy to use. Here are the cheats that plitch offers.

Free Cheats:

  • Prepare
  • Low Health
  • Low Stamina
  • Mega Health
  • Mega Stamina

Premium Cheats:

  • Add Junk
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Perks
  • Fill XP
  • Add XP
  • Easy Kill
  • Low Perk
  • Rest Junk to 0
  • Refill Perks

To use these cheats through Plitch, you would need to install Plitch onto your PC or console. Search for The last kids on earth and the staff of doom on Plitch and enter it. All you need to do then is activate the cheats as you need them.

Tree House Unlockables


The main unlockables in the game all come from your tree house. In the Tree House, you have 3 sections that unlock quite early in the game, just after you free Bellybuster. The Tree House Upgrades, Equipment, and Tree House Turrents. 

In tree house upgrades, you can unlock different add-ons to your tree house. This makes it better and more modern. In Equipment is where you can unlock, upgrade, and customize weapons. In Tree House Turrents you can unlock and upgrade Tree House defenses.

The Tree doesn’t Unlock


Your tree House should unlock relatively in the game. A bug has been noticed that sometimes the tree doesn’t unlock till later in the game. If this happens to you, it will stop your progress in the game. Your best bet would be to restart the game.

Character Swop


Like the tv show, the main characters are the four best friends. Whilst you are exploring the map and playing the game, you can find these epic futuristic phone booths which you can use to change characters.

We suggest you do this often as you will get a better experience of the game. Each character also has a different set of skills and abilities that will benefit you in different challenges.

Exploring the Map


When it comes to exploring the map, you can have a great time running around, but if you need to move around a bit faster, you can make use of a car. You can spawn a massive truck to help you get around faster.

A bonus is in the Big Momma Challenges, you can even take part in some epic races with the truck.

Go on a Rampage


One really fun aspect of the game is you can destroy basically anything. We suggest you run around and smash as many things as you can. Break benches and trees in parks and rubbish cans in the streets.

Often when you break different items, you gain money in the game. This helps you progress faster as you will be able to upgrade your tree house and your weapons.

Fast Travel


As the map is relatively large and split into different districts, we suggest you make use of the fast travel function if you need to get somewhere quickly. To fast travel, enter your map and look for the fast travel Icon.

Collecting trophies


Throughout the game, there are a number of different trophies. You can get trophies for completing levels and challenges and for the number of enemies you defeat.

Finish Main Questline


In part one or stage one, to get trophies, you simply just need to play through the main questline. As you progress, there are 8 grindy trophies that you can get by hitting at least 250 enemies using each character's triangle attack.

Choose one character and use your triangle attacks as much as possible, Especially when you find yourself in a big group of enemies. You can also get blueprints for weapons, turrets, and armor by completing quests.

Defeat the Bosses


You can get the Bosses Neonized trophy by defeating all the neon bosses in the game. Remember, when you are facing them watch out for their tentacle attacks and avoid projectiles.

You can also get a trophy for defeating the Scrapken. Like the Neon Bosses, you just need to be wary of their tentacles and projectiles but other than that, they are relatively easy to beat. When you defeat the Scrapken, you receive the Release the Scrapken trophy.

The Trophy Platypus is a compilation video of all bosses.

Big Mama Challenges


Throughout the map, there are around 13 Big Mama Challenges. When you have completed all of these challenges, you receive the Make Melvin Proud trophy. There are 4 challenges from maps 1.1-14, 4 challenges from 2.1-2.4, 3 challenges from maps 3.1-3.3, and 2 challenges from maps 41 and 4.2.

The Trophy Platypus shows all 13 Big Mama Challenges locations and how to complete them

Collect Comic book Covers


If you can find all the comic book covers in the game, you will get the Full Set trophy. There are 16 comic book covers spread out over the whole map. You should be able to find one in each section of the map. 

You might not be able to find all of them until you unlock certain parts of the map by doing sidequests. So prioritize doing these after the main Questline.

The Trophy Platypus shows you a full set Trophy for finding all 16 comics

Complete Side Missions


You can also receive trophies by finishing the remaining sidequests across the map. Collecting comic books from Big Mama’s quests is also a way of collecting more trophies. Once you have completed all sidequests, found all blueprints, and upgraded your weapons and tree house to the full, then you receive the platinum trophy.

The Master Crafts kid trophy can also be won once you have found all the blueprints for armor and upgraded your armor fully. To get the Unbeatable design trophy, you need to fully upgrade all of your weapons.

Weapons cost different amounts to upgrade, so we suggest you plan what weapons to upgrade accordingly. The total amount you will need to upgrade all of your weapons fully is 246,000 scrap. To upgrade weapons for each character, you will have to change the character and re-enter the tree house.

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