Easy Trophies Guide for The Evil Within on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Easy Trophies Guide

À la Corvo" trophy

The "À la Corvo" trophy requires you to make it through Chapter 2 without killing any zombies other than the first one, which you have to kill to get the revolver. If zombies walk into traps and die, this won't affect the trophy, and neither will you inflicting non-lethal damage. The best strategy is to run or sneak past all the zombies to the gate. Once you start to use the crank, two zombies by the gate will wake up. Head away from the gate, at a slow enough pace to ensure they follow you, and take them a good distance away. Run back and finish opening the gate.

Bathed in Flames" trophy

The "Bathed in Flames" trophy is tough to get on your first playthrough, so your best bet is to save it for a New Game+, so you'll begin Chapter 10 with your rocket launcher. For the first part, Laura won't die no matter what you do. Don't try to kill her until you reach the part where the area is on fire. Use traps and corpses to catch her on fire, and shoot her with the rocket launcher. 10 rocket launcher hits should be enough.

"Bloody Bar Brawl" trophy

The "Bloody Bar Brawl" trophy is easiest to achieve in Chapter 2. Head up the hill until you see the zombie by the campfire. Grab a bottle and throw it at his head to stun him. Approach him from behind to kill him with a sneak attack.

"Drop it Like it's Hot" trophy

The "Drop it Like it's Hot" trophy is easiest to achieve in Chapter 2. Find a lone zombie and lure him to the gate, where two others are asleep. Shoot him in the leg so that he falls on the ground on top of them, and then use a match to light all three on fire. If it doesn't get all of them, you can reload from the auto-save point to try again.

"Entry Level Electrician" trophy

The "Entry Level Electrician" trophy just requires a little care. Once you start the circuit diagram puzzle, do not leave the panel until all three pieces are correct.

"Everybody Gets One" trophy

The "Everybody Gets One" trophy in Chapter 6 is easiest to get if you climb up to the bridge and just wait for the enemies to push Joseph, at which point you can help him up and get the trophy. If it doesn't work, or if they don't push him, you can reload from the auto-save point to try again.

"Home is Where the Hospice Is" trophy

The "Home is Where the Hospice Is" trophy in Chapter 4 can be earned on the ground floor of the building the doctor leads you to. One of the rooms contains the doctor's former friend, who has become a zombie. Just kill the zombie, and a cutscene will begin.

"I Don't Have Time for This!" trophy

The "I Don't Have Time for This!" trophy requires you to make it through Chapter 7 without killing more than the two Keepers you must kill to progress. In the room with the gas, Keepers will continue to respawn in great numbers. Avoid them and use the valves to make it to the next area without killing them. The final valve room will be a harder challenge, as a Keeper will try to kill you while you use a valve. Get the Keeper to follow you to the other side of the room, and slow it down with a freeze bolt. Run back to the valve, use it, and then continue on to the end of the chapter.

"Item Management" trophy

The "Item Management" trophy requires you to get through Chapter 8 without firing your weapons, which will be hardest at the start. Get the attention of the enemies around the gate, and lure them to a distant part of the map. Return to the gate, use the crank, and then just avoid enemies until you finish the chapter.

"Knife Beats Chainsaw" trophy

For the "Knife Beats Chainsaw" trophy, you should have flash bolts - one can be found in the watch tower to the area's right), at least two explosive bolts, two harpoon bolts, and two shotgun rounds for the boss battle in Chapter 3. Clear the area of enemies before you begin the battle, so that they won't disturb you. Then, hit the chainsaw boss with your explosive bolts, harpoon bolts, and shotgun rounds to weaken him. Follow that with a flash bolt to stun him. While he's stunned, use a sneak attack. It should kill him, but if it doesn't, craft more flash bolts so you can stun him and use sneak attacks until he dies.

"Not Part of the Job Description" trophy

The "Not Part of the Job Description" trophy comes into play once you have to save Kidman in the water tank. The earlier part of Chapter 5 doesn't affect it. From that point on, you can't let Joseph lose any health. If he does, you can reload from the auto-save point. The hardest part will be in the beginning, when waves of enemies come from all directions. Set explosive bolts and shock bolts like mines in front of the cages, and throw grenades to keep them from getting near Joseph. After that, it will be easier to target their spawn point. This trophy is easier to get in a New Game+.

"Silent Kill" trophy

The "Silent Kill" trophy requires you to kill 5 enemies in a row with sneak attacks without being detected, but it retains your progress even if you restart. Therefore, an easy way to get this one is in Chapter 2, when you go up the hill and find the zombie by the campfire, since the game auto-saves right there. You can sneak attack the zombie, reload the auto-save, and keep doing this until you get 5 sneak kills.