The Eternal Cylinder Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 7, 2022
The Eternal Cylinder
  • First Released: Sep 29, 2021
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Cheats for Eternal Cylinder can be hard to come by. You can make use of a trainer to activate cheats, Cheathappens offers a few trainers that have a great list of cheats to use. The cheats you can find on cheatshapppens are:

  • Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Water
    No Hunger
    Unlimited Stamina
    invisible Trebs
    Unlimited Jumps
    Pause Cylinder Movement
    Game Speed
    Edit: Minerals
    Edit: Max Health
    Edit: Max Stamina
    Edit: Health
    Edit: Water
    Edit: Stamina
    Edit: Food Storage
    Edit: Leadership

You can download a trainer off cheathappens directly. To use the trainer you will need to install it on your device and search for the game through the trainer. Once you have the trainer up and running all you need to do is activate the cheats when you need them.

Get the Wheel Body Mutation


To get the wheel body mutation you need to talk to the first elder near the cylinder. To get there look for the broken pillar facing a small ramp and go up it. This is easier to do when you are all alone as other Trebhum might make it difficult. 

Turn yourself into a ball and go down the broken pillar towards the ramp. As you hit the ramp press jump and you should land on the top of the next pillar. Here you will find the tubular pod and a few other items.

Get Aposematic Skin Mutation


You can get this mutation in the same area as the Wheel Body mutation. Look for the spikey plants on the edges of the area closer to the water and the map barrier. These plants have a fruit on the top called the prickly pone.

When you spawn there should be at least three spikey plants that you can use to harvest the fruit. Once you have eaten the fruit the aposematic skin is super helpful because it prevents you from getting eaten by other animals like the omnigrom or the zeus garg.

Use the Omnigrom


This is something you might not realize, but you can use the omnigrom to break hardshell items. All you need to do is catch the omnigroms attention by shooting something at it. It will eat anything that comes near its mouth so what you need to do is suck up a hardshell item and shoot it into the omnigroms mouth.

The omnigrom will then chew up the hardshell item and spit out the softer item. The omnigrom will then run away so you can go and pick up the softer item quickly. You can even through, eggs and plants in their way and it will eat them.

Here's a video with some great tips for The Eternal Cylinder.

Explore first


Before you start entering structures around the map try to explore the map first. Once you have entered a structure you cannot re-enter it. If you make the mistake of going into a place before you need to you might lose out on what you find inside. 

Search for High-level Areas


The map is quite big in The Eternal Cylinder so try to get straight to the higher-level areas to get the most out of it. You don't need to use excess time searching every part of the map. You will also level up faster in the high-level areas.

Unlock Mutations


Over time you unlock the ability called a mutation. This ability doesn’t work until you have found its recipe from the shrine. Keep this in mind when you want to activate this ability.

Upgrade Stamina & Leadership


You do a lot of running in The Eternal Cylinder. Whether you are running from enemies or the cylinder, you don’t want to run out of stamina halfway through your escape. That's why it is best to focus on upgrading your stamina early in the game.

You will also benefit from upgrading your leadership skills early in the game. The better you lead the longer you survive. When your tribe is full you can also choose to put some in the cloud and get newer members.



Gnakka is a mineral you can find in the Eternal Cylinder. The Gnakka gives you around a sixth of refined minerals and can often be found in caves. The story behind the mineral can be found in the Trebhum memory cluster.

The cults hold a small part of a story about a hero named Gnakka. Gnakka was thrown into the underworld by a king and found her way out of the underworld by using this mineral as a guide as it shone in the distance.

How to find Trebhum


In The Eternal Cylinder, it is important to grow the population of your tribe to survive. To do this you need to find another Trebhum to join you. However, finding Trebhum can be difficult as there are only a few of them spread around the map.

To get Trebhum into your tribe you can use one of three ways. You can either hatch them from an egg, find them as you explore the map, or pick them up by reviving them. Hatching a Trebhum egg is quite easy. 

As you are walking around keep your eye out for eggs. When you find them you need to find a smoke plum to help hatch them. You can also find Trebhum near smoke plums that are hatched. Other areas you should look for them in are small caves. When you find one all you need to do I pick them up and they are yours.

You can also revive Trebhum that have been killed during a war. To do so you will need to use the resource you pick up when you are in elder temples. Finding more Trebhum is essential for your survival so keep an eye out for them.

How to Hatch Trebhum Eggs without a Heating Nest


Trebhum heating nests can be a pain to find. To hatch a trebhum you can also take the egg to an Oncofort nest. An Oncofort does have to be at the nest for this to work. Place the egg in the nest when the Oncofort isn't looking. The Oncofort will incubate the egg for you and it will hatch.

When the egg hatches you will then have to walk up to the nest to recruit your new Trebhum. Watch out for the Oncofort as it will defend its nest if it spots you and will most likely eat you. You can also hatch eggs on the blue symbols on towers that you activate. Just take the egg up to the symbol, drop it and wait. It will hatch shortly after it's dropped.

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