Vampire Guide for The Elder Scrolls Online on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Vampire Guide

Vampire Passive Skills

Savage Feeding, available at Level 2 - When you feed on a target, they will be off-balance and stunned for 2-3.25 seconds.

Supernatural Recovery, available at Level 4 - Your Magicka and Stamina Recovery will be boosted by 5-10%.

Blood Ritual, available at Level 6 - Once every seven days, you can go to the Vampire ritual site to infect other players so they can become Vampires.

Undeath, available at Level 7 - When your Health drops lower than 30-50%, your Damage Mitigation will increase up to as much as 50%.

Unnatural Resistance, available at Level 8 - In Vampirism stages 2-4, your Health Recovery will improve.

Dark Stalker, available at Level 9 - At night, it will be easier for you to enter stealth mode, and whenever you're sneaking, you will be faster.

Vampire Active Skills:

Drain Essence

Stamina cost: 35

Effect: Your target will be stunned for 3 seconds and be inflicted with 11-14 Magic Damage each second. You will gain Health and Stamina at a rate of 150% of the damage dealt each second.


Invigorating Drain - You will also gain 2-5 Ultimate energy each second.

Midnight Drain - At night, the attack will deal 14-17 Magic Damage, and the amount you recover will be doubled.

Mist Form, available at Level 3

Stamina cost: 74

Effect: You will take 75% less damage. Healing spells and control powers won't work on you, either. It lasts for 3-4 seconds.


Elusive Mist - Your movement speed will increase by 45-52%.

Poison Mist - Nearby enemies will be inflicted with 5-8 Poison Damage every half a second.

Bat Swarm, available at Level 5

Stamina cost: 321

Effect: A swarm of bats will fly around you and inflict 11-14 Magic Damage each second to nearby enemies. It will last for five seconds.


Clouding Swarm - The swarm will deal 14-17 Magic Damage and give you increased invisibility with each second.

Devouring Swarm - The swarm will deal 14-17 Magic Damage, and you will gain 3-6 Health per each enemy hit by the attack.