Terraria Glitches on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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100 Platinum Coin Glitch Glitches

You need 100 x dirt for this.

Place it in a piggy bank or safe then buy the dirt and save your world.

Leave your piggy bank or safe in the world and rejoin it.

Look in the safe or piggy bank and you will have a 99% chance of getting 50 to 1000 platinum coins!

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What  does  it  mean  by,  buy  the  dirt  and  save  your  world?   - Emi Harris, 5 months ago - Reply  
It's  get  it  from  piggy  bank  or  safe - Damian, 2 months ago - Reply  

Terraria PS4 Dupe Glitches

This is a glitch that is easy to do, but may start a little slow. Requires two players and probly two remotes. Go into your world, and have coop. Let the player take an item from you, like 32 iron, then let him leave. After he leaves, hold the "home" button, and close the game without saving. Go back into your world, you will still have your items, and your coop buddy with have the dupes! Have fun!

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Worm Glitch Glitches

You will need any type of solid block and some worms. Put the worms and blocks next to each other in your hot bar, then switch their places. Exit and save your world. Go back into the same world with the same character then flip their places again. Exit and save and go back into the world and place the block on air and it will spawn worms.

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Easier Duping Glitch Glitches

You will need a USB drive in order to do this.

First, plug it into the ps4.

Now go into your settings and into "saved data management".

Copy whatever you want to duplicate onto that USB drive, it has to be on either your character or on a world, it cannot be in a piggy bank/safe/trough/etc.

Go onto Terraria and put the items you want to duplicate in a chest, now save and quit.

Go into your settings and back into "save data management" and select "copy from USB Drive"

Copy your character that has the items back onto your ps4.

Now you should have those items both in a chest and in your characters inventory.

You're welcome!

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Questions and Answers

Has  anyone  else  been  having  a  problem  with  loading  large  worlds.  For  me  when  I  try  to  load  my  large  world  it  loads  forever  with  no  end  in  sight  end  it  doesn't  even  have  a  percentage. - Jonas, 9 months ago - Reply  
Yes  and  I  don’t  know  how  to  fix  it  I  have  an  expert  world  as  well  and  I  can’t  access  it  I  tried  restarting  and  quitting  but  none  of  them  seemed  to  work.  I  guess  we  will  just  have  to  wait  for  a  fix - John, 9 months ago - Reply  
On  the  100  platinum  glitch  what  do  you  mean  by  buy  the  dirt
- Lucas, 1 year ago - Reply  
"Place  it  in  a  piggy  bank  or  safe  then  by  the  dirt  and  save  your  world."  Still  doesn't  make  complete  sense.   - Emi Harris, 5 months ago - Reply  
When  said  buy  the  dirt  meant  by  the  dirt
- Brian Rolland, 9 months ago - Reply  
I'm  looking  for  a  way  to  have  infinite  mana  because  I  would  like  to  use  my  last  prism  for  as  long  as  possible   - Masster_Cheezzz, 1 year ago - Reply  
A  great  way  to  do  it  is  to  use  a  mana  flower  and  a  bunch  of  stacks  of  mana  potions,  I  like  to  fill  up  the  entire  bottom  of  my  inventory  when  your  mana  runs  out  you  will  automatically  use  a  potion  this  should  get  you  thru  many  bosses  before  you  run  out.  I  would  say  that  you  could  go  on  for  maybe  at  least  10  minutes - ggdirpdragon, 10 months ago - Reply  
I'm  looking  to  find  a  way  to  have  infinite  mana  because  I  would  like  to  use  my  last  prism   - Masster_Cheezzz, 1 year ago - Reply  
I  meant  xbox  one
- Masster_Cheezzz, 1 year ago - Reply  

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