Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: April 7, 2021
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition
  • First Released: Jan 10, 2019
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG)
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Costume references

Easter Eggs

The DLC costumes include a set of costumes based on characters from other Bandai Namco games:

  • Yuri – Mitsurugi from Soulcalibur
  • Flynn – Chopin from Eternal Sonata
  • Judith – KOS-MOS from Xenosaga
  • Rita – Haruka from The Idolm@ster
  • Estelle – Valkyrie from The Legend of Valkyrie
  • Karol – Klonoa from Klonoa
  • Repede – Baseball-kun from Famista
  • Raven – Heihachi from Tekken
  • Patty – Mr. Driller from Mr. Driller

Soulcalibur reference

Easter Eggs

Rita’s Sword Whip weapon might be a reference to Ivy’s Sword Whip from Soulcalibur 4.

Tales of Phantasia reference

Easter Eggs

The Mint’s Cap attachment for Estelle is a reference to Mint from Tales of Phantasia.

Tales of the Abyss references

Easter Eggs

When you enter Nordopolica, check the back of the sign there. It lists the main characters from Tales of the Abyss and details about them.

One of the lockers at Nam Cobanda Isle also includes a note that was sent between Asch and Natalia.

The Gentlemieu and Gentlereplica enemies are also references to Abyss.

Tales of Symphonia reference

Easter Eggs

On the second floor of the inn at Halure, there is a poster advertising a contest to “draw the best Lloyd.” It requests that anyone who is interested should send their entries to “Real Lloyd.” This is a reference to Tales of Symphonia, in which Wanted posters appear for Lloyd with poorly-drawn art that is joked about several times.

Tales of the Abyss skit in files

Easter Eggs

There is a Tales of the Abyss skit located within the Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition files. It does not appear in the game itself. Whether it was intended to be a cameo Easter egg or was left over from testing skits in the original game is unknown.

Nam Cobanda Isle

Easter Eggs

Nam Cobanda Isle is an optional, hidden area unlocked late in the game. Its name is a reference to Namco Bandai, and it is filled with references to other Tales games.

Clear Game Rewards


There are several things that can be unlocked after or near the end of your first playthrough.

Final Boss Variant – If you collect all of the Fell Arms, you will unlock a more difficult version of the final boss. Defeating the harder version of the boss will also carry over the Fell Arms into EX New Game, letting you have them from the start.

EX New Game – Finish the game and create a clear data save file. This is new game plus.

Grade Shop – Finish the game and then load your clear data save to start an EX New Game playthrough. You will access the Grade Shop at the start.

Unknown Difficulty Mode – Unlock the Grade Shop and then buy the “Unknown Battle Rank” option.

All Grade Shop Rewards


At the Grade Shop, you can spend grade to unlock the following features for an EX New Game playthrough:

  • 1/2 Experience – 10 Grade; halves exp you earn in battle
  • 10x Experience – 3,000 Grade; multiplies exp you earn in battle by 10
  • 2x Gald – 600 Grade; doubles Gald you earn in battle
  • 2x Grade – 3,000 Grade; doubles Grade you earn in battle
  • Artes and Skills (for each individual party member) – 350 Grade each; carries over all Artes and Weapon skills you’ve learned for that character
  • Artes – 1,000 Grade; carries over all Artes you’ve learned for all characters
  • Battle Techniques – 50 Grade; reduces normal battle exp to 1, but multiplies bonus exp from combos by 5
  • Collector’s Book – 10 Grade; carries over all Collector’s Book data
  • Cooking Skill – 50 Grade; carries over Cooking skill levels for all characters
  • Craft Skill – 10 Grade; carries over Synthesis skill level
  • Decrease Max HP – 10 Grade; characters start with 20% less max HP
  • Decrease Max TP – 10 Grade; characters start with 20% less max TP
  • Double Experience – 1,000 Grade; doubles exp you earn in battle
  • Enemy Book – 10 Grade; carries over all Enemy Book data
  • Gald – 1,000 Grade; carries over all Gald you had at the end of the game
  • Increase Item Drop Rate – 1,000 Grade; doubles your chance of items dropping after battle
  • Increase Max HP – 500 Grade; characters start with 20% more max HP
  • Increase Max TP – 500 Grade; characters start with 20% more max TP
  • Increase Over Limit – 1,000 Grade; Over Limit gauge fills faster and enemies use it more frequently
  • Items – 500 Grade; carries over all non-story items and equipment you had at the end of the game
  • Max 99 Item –: 400 Grade; increases item limit to 99
  • Recipes – 10 Grade; carries over all recipes you learned
  • Records – 10 Grade; carries over all data from the Records menu
  • Skill SP 1 – 3,000 Grade; reduces the SP needed to equip a weapon skill to 1 for all characters and skills
  • Skills – 1,000 Grade; carries over all mastered weapon skills for all characters
  • Titles – 500 Grade; carries overall all of the titles you got for all characters
  • Unlock All Skits – 1,000 Grade; unlocks all skits at the Skit Viewer on Nam Cobanda Isle, even if you haven’t encountered the skit naturally in-game
  • Unlock Battle Rank – 50 Grade; unlocks Unknown difficulty mode
  • World Map – 300 Grade; carries over world map data

Dark Enforcer


To unlock Yuri’s Dark Enforcer costume and title, you’ll need to complete several missable steps as part of a side quest.

First, sleep at the inn when you first go to Capua Torim.

Once you have the ship, return to the Royal Quarter in Zaphias and talk to Shel and Lune until you get the Kingdom Celeb title and learn Tiger Blade.

When you go to Nordopolicia, view the scene where Yuri breaks up a fight at the harbor, talk to the couple near the southern part of the town, and then sleep at the inn. You should learn Shining Eagle.

After you have Ba’ul, go to the oasis at Mantaic, talk to Clay, and then sleep at the inn.

After the Zaude section, return to the Royal Quarter again.

Unlock DLC Items


The Definitive Edition includes by default many costumes that were DLC in the original. To unlock and use them, open your inventory and go to the “Extra Items” tab. Select the items there to officially unlock them.

Get 100-Man Melee and 200-Man Melee Full Prizes


You will only get the full prizes from 100-Man Melee and 200-Man Melee if you have received the Letter of Challenge items first. Three letters are available for the 100-Man Melee, and five are required for the 200-Man Melee.

Basic Tips


By default, you will be locked into movement along a line facing the enemy in combat. Hold down the left trigger to enable free movement and move wherever you want in the battle area.

Local co-op is also available if you set your party members to “manual” movement. This lets another player control that character in battle alongside you.

As you win battles, you’ll notice that you get a “grade” score. This is actually a currency that can be used on subsequent playthroughs to unlock special bonuses for New Game Plus.

Gathering materials will let you synthesize new equipment. Synthesized gear can be much stronger than the gear you can buy in shops.

Weapons include Weapon Skills that give you special bonuses. If you use a weapon enough, you will unlock the skill permanently to equip even while using other weapons.

Be cautious when it comes to selling weapons. Not only will you lose the weapon’s skill if you haven’t already learned it, but many weapons can also be used in recipes to synthesize better ones.

Items can be found in boxes, drawers, dressers, etc. Interact with everything that might have an item hidden in it.

The tactics menu lets you change your party members’ behavior in battle. Adjust the setting here to customize how they’ll play.

You can also change your party’s formation to determine where each character will be at the start of battle.

Whoever you set in the first party slot will be the character you control by default when you enter battle.

Cooking lets you cook items based on recipe to restore HP/TP and other beneficial effects. You can choose which party member you want to cook, and the effectiveness will be determined by their cooking skill. Many skits are tied to cooking with various characters, as well.

Near the end of the game, you will be able to access a place called Nam Cobanda Isle. Among the many activities here, it lets you both rewatch any skits in the game and re-fight any bosses.

All Recipes / Wonder Chef Locations


There are numerous recipes you can learn by tracking down the Wonder Chef at various points throughout the game or completing certain quests. If you get every recipe, you’ll also unlock a special quest. If you’re having trouble finding any of the recipes, use the video guide below for help.

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