Subnautica Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 7, 2022
  • First Released: Jan 22, 2018
  • Genres: Adventure, Indie
  • Ratings: ESRB E10+

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Cheat Codes


Some of the cheat codes used in the PC version also work in the console versions of Subnautica. To access them, press LB, RB, A, and X at the same time on Xbox or L1, R1, X, and Square on PS4. This will bring up a screen from which you can enter the cheat codes. Enter the codes below to achieve the desired effect. (For codes that have a section in brackets, replace that with what you want for that code, such as the item name and amount for the item spawn cheat.)

  • Invincibility - nodamage
  • Infinite oxygen - oxygen
  • Faster building - fastbuild
  • Unlock all blueprints - allblueprints
  • Remove crafting/building costs - nocost
  • No radiation - radiation
  • Get items - madloot
  • Adjust movement speed - speed
  • Teleport to a specific biome - biome [biome name]
  • Teleport to safety - warpme
  • Spawn Cyclops - sub cyclops
  • Spawn Exosuit - spawn exosuit
  • Spawn Seamoth - spawn seamoth 1
  • Spawn specific item - item [name] [amount]
  • Set to day - day
  • Set to night - night
  • Adjust speed of day and night - daynightspeed
The  nocost  isn't  working.  I  tried  like  7  times  and  it's  not  working
Paradisedull, 1 year ago - Reply
Just  do  unlookall
Noah Drake, 1 year ago - Reply
The  “allblueprints”  cheat  isn’t  working,
I’m  typing  it  in  exactly  how  it  says  on  the  page,  it  just  doesn’t  activate.
Greg, 3 years ago - Reply
That  is  because  that  cheat  is  incorrect.  It  should  be  unlockall
Sherman, 2 years ago - Reply
One  cheat  is  the  unlock  cheat.  Type  in  encyall  to  unlock  all  content,  even  deleted  things!  
Cole, 4 years ago - Reply


Easter Eggs

The person who worked on the audio and music for Subnautica once claimed to have hidden an audio clip of Donald Trump saying “China” within the game’s audio. Fans believe it occurs around the 1:18 mark in the Sparse Reef music. Take a listen and see what you think.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment references

Easter Eggs

The Alien Rifle and the Doomsday Device are assets used for Future Perfect, by the same developers as Subnautica.

You can find posters for and items from the upcoming game Natural Selection 2 also by the same developers.

Developer references

Easter Eggs

When you make the Survival Knife, you get the following message: “Weapons were removed from standard survival blueprints following the massacre on Obraxis Prime.  The knife remains the only exception.” The name mentioned, Obraxis Prime, is a reference to one of the game’s developers, who uses the name Obraxis. (Of course, it is also an in-game explanation for why there are no guns.)

One Data Download mentions the hive mind of Strader VI. This is a reference to another developer for the game, Cory Strader.

Holy Diver

Easter Eggs

You will eventually receive a radio message that says “You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea. Oh don’t you see what I mean?” This is a reference to the song “Holy Diver” by the heavy metal band Dio, in which those lines appear in the lyrics.

Star Trek reference

Easter Eggs

When you activate the Data Terminal in the Quarantine Enforcement Platform, the PDA will sometimes say “Resistance in fertile,” a reference to the Borg in Star Trek, who deliver the standard message of “Resistance is futile.”

Beginning Tips


You will need to use the Fabricator often. Check out the starting recipes so you know what you’ll need.

Fins are a good item to craft early. They will boost your swimming speed. You’ll also want to craft oxygen tanks so you can breathe underwater longer.

Other important items to craft early on are the Survival Knife, scanner, first aid kit, and air bladder. You might also want to craft the Seaglide to help you travel further.

Once you’re ready to travel further, you should build the Seamoth submarine.

Building a base will let you expand the area you can explore, since you’ll be able to use your new base instead of returning to your pod every time.

You can use Airsack fish to filter your water. Later on, you’ll be able to create disinfected water instead.

Don’t cook your fish until you’re ready to eat, or they might go bad before you get to them. Once you’re ready to eat them, cook them. Later in the game, you’ll be able to cure them, as well.

How to quickly find a island


So you need to go on top on you're lifepod and try to create a base don't create it just look around and the fog hiding the island should show up.

By: Adriana Forget Comment

Questions, Answers and Comments

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Why  when  i  write  something  on  the  cheat  menu  so  does  nothing  happen  im  on  ps4
mr Alvin, 2 years ago Reply
Is  there  a  cheat  to  cure  the  "virus"
Adriana Forget, 2 years ago Reply
How  do  i  can  spawn  the  blue  key  /tell  me  the  full  command/  
Salavdor, 4 years ago Reply
im  trying  to  get  the  cheats  in  the  options  menu  of  my  game  but  even  thought  i  press  squere+X+R1+L1  at  the  same  time,i  carn`t  get  it
lewis, 4 years ago Reply
Many  people  explain  what  to  do  in  order  to  get  the  menu  to  pop  up,  but  it  isn’t  a  box  that’ll  pop  up.  Press  the  buttons  L1,  R1,  and  X.  Then  go  into  your  menu.  You’ll  have  a  new  option  to  choose  from  called  “Developer”.  That  is  where  you’ll  find  the  commands.  
VampireSultana , 2 years ago Reply
You  can  just  press  L1    R1  and  X
james plays, 3 years ago Reply
These  aren't  working  for  my  PS4.  No  screen  comes  up?
Lukas, 5 years ago Reply
--in  response  to    the  user  named  sam,  that  could  not  be  more  wrong.    I  have  bought  subnautica  in  2020  and  it  works  just  fine  for  me.
TheKingDoge, 3 years ago Reply
I  heard  the  codes  were  removed  for  ps4  so  it  doesn’t  work
Sam, 5 years ago Reply
I  cant  seem  to  get  the  cheats  to  work  on  my  PS4.  I'm  pressing  L1  R1  Square  and  X  at  the  same  time.  I  tried  doing  them  one  at  a  time  as  well.  Please  respond  I  would  like  some  closure  to  this  pol
Lukas, 5 years ago Reply
What  do  I  press  on  ps4  it  tells  me  for  xbox1
Brady, 5 years ago Reply
It  says  to  press  L1  R1  Square  and  X
Lukas, 5 years ago Reply
how  do  i  activate  cheats  on  PS4,this  only  tells  me  how  to  do  it  on  x-box  1?
jack, 5 years ago Reply
It  only  tells  me  Xbox  one  not  ps4
Walter Howard, 5 years ago Reply
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