Star Wars: Squadrons Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: November 23, 2021
Star Wars: Squadrons
  • First Released: Oct 1, 2020
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Unlock Ship Parts and Upgrades


To unlock parts and upgrades for your ship (non-cosmetic items), you’ll need to spend Requisition. Requisition is earned as you level up by earning XP. Reaching level 40 for your personal level should net you enough Requisition to be able to buy all the parts.

Star Wars references and connections

Easter Eggs

There are numerous references to other Star Wars books, movies, and more, such as:

  • Planets that previous appeared in the Legends novels, as well as names that reference areas from Legends
  • Returning characters, such as Wedge Antilles, and references to characters from other games, books, etc. currently in Star Wars canon
  • Random name selections for your character that are also from the Legends books
  • A reference to the 224th Clone Division, who were mentioned in an episode of the Clone Wars show
  • References to Thrawn and his love of art
  • Conversations with Wedge about Rogue Squadron
  • Skins for ships that reference other squadrons and make connections to other parts of canon
  • Weapons and upgrades manufactured by Czerka, a company that first appeared in the Legends game Knights of the Old Republic
  • Helmets designed after or referencing those of specific characters from the series

For a full list of references and connections found so far, check out the video below.

Mouse Droid Humming

Easter Eggs

The repair droids, or Mouse droids, will hum the Imperial March (aka Darth Vader’s theme) if you pay attention to them for long enough.

Unlock Cosmetics


There are numerous customization options you can unlock for your character and ship. Cosmetics are unlocked by finishing the story, completing operations, and spending Glory, an in-game currency earned by playing multiplayer and meeting other goals.

The only things unlocked just by beating the story are a new X-Wing skin and a new Tie Fighter skin.

Operations are special events that last eight weeks (essentially seasons0, during which time you can complete specific goals to unlock exclusive customization options.

Other cosmetics must be bought with Glory.

Earn Glory Fast


To quickly earn Glory, the currency used for cosmetic customization options, you’ll want to make sure you always do your Daily Challenges. Daily Challenges change every 24 hours and give you a few specific goals to complete in exchange for Glory. This gives you an easy way to come back every day and earn Glory.

You’ll also earn Glory from increasing the Fleet Battle Rank. This is tied to Operations, which change every 8 weeks. During that period of time, you’ll have more long-term goals to work toward in exchange for Glory.

Finally, you’ll also get Glory for leveling up, so even while you’re just playing the game normally, you’ll still be working toward additional Glory. However, putting your focus on those Daily Challenges is the best way to earn Glory fast.

Earn Requisition / XP Fast


To quickly earn Requisition, you’ll need to level up by earning XP. Therefore, you’ll want to get XP as fast as possible if you’re trying to farm Requisition to buy an upgrade. To quickly earn XP, you can play multiplayer to be rewarded XP for kills, assists, the first match you play that day, completing a match, winning a match, and more. Alternately, you can set up Fleet Battles against the AI. If you play against the AI and set the difficulty to Easy, you’ll be able to quickly earn a lot of XP.

Meanwhile, there are also Double XP events held from time to time, which are a good opportunity to join multiplayer matches to earn twice as much XP.

Basic Tips


The campaign mode helps teach you how to play the game and get used to the battles, so it’s a good idea to start with the story even if you’re mainly interested in the multiplayer matches.

There are 8 different types of ships, and each one has differences. You’ll want to be used to the type of ship you’re using to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

As you earn Requisition, you’ll be able to buy new parts and components for your ship. Pick your components according to the playstyle you want to use.

Make sure your team has a variety of ships so you’re well-balanced and can handle a variety of threats.

Squadmates will give you warnings about threats, so pay attention to what they’re saying.

If you’re playing multiplayer, communicate with your squadmates to help them out as well, and pay attention to what they have to say. Work together as a team.

Stay in motion whenever possible. A moving target is harder to hit, so you want to keep up your speed as much as possible while turning and deciding where to go.

Similarly, don’t fly in a straight line if you can avoid it. Make sharp turns or serpentine movements to make it harder to predict where you’ll be.

You can manage your power by diverting power from one system to another. Pay close attention to this to make sure you have power where it will give you an advantage depending on the situation.

Deploying countermeasures can protect you from a missile strike, but you need to get the timing right. Pay attention to the arrows, and deploy your countermeasures when the innermost arrows light up.

Double-tapping the target button will target the enemy that last attacked you.

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