Star Trek Online Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: March 21, 2023
Star Trek Online
  • First Released: Feb 1, 2010
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Tactical, Adventure, Strategy, Simulator
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Leonard Nimoy Memorial

Easter Eggs

When Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, passed away, the developers added a special memorial for him into the game. Many fans went there to pay their respects in-game.

Back to the Future and Doctor Who references

Easter Eggs

The Fleet Research Lab includes devices that strongly resemble the flux capacitor from Back to the Future and the Pandorica from Doctor Who.

Memorial Plaques

Easter Eggs

Starfleet Academy includes Memorial Plaques that reference several events from the Star Trek series and universe:

  • The founding of the United Federation of Planets
  • The founding of Starfleet Academy
  • Kirk beating the unbeatable Kobayashi Maru Scenario
  • George and Gracie (the whales from the fourth Star Trek movie)
  • The death of Joshua Albert
  • The Breen attack
  • Groundskeeper Boothby

Another memorial was later added for Mark Valentine, who was part of Cryptic Studios and died of cancer.

Unlock New Slots


You can unlock new slots by purchasing them through the Fleet Research Lab.

  • R&D Project Slot (requires Research Facilities Tier III) – 100,000 credits
  • Active Ability Reputation Trait Slot (requires Research Facilities Tier III) – 150,000 credits and 50,000 Dilithium
  • Space Reputation Trait Slot (requires Development Facilities Tier III) – 100,000 credits and 25,000 Dilithium
  • Ground Reputation Trait Slot (requires Development Facilities Tier III) – 100,000 credits and 25,000 Dilithium
  • Starship Trait Slot (requires Research Facilities Tier III) – 250,000 credits and 100,000 Dilithium

Sisko's Baseball

Easter Eggs

Sisko’s baseball can be found preserved in his old office.

Unlock New Officer Assignments


You can unlock three additional active duty officer assignments through the Fleet Embassy. One becomes available with each Recruitment Facilities tier, and the price increases with each slot.

Unlock New Officer Slots


You can unlock an additional active duty officer slot for your ground roster and your space roster. The ground roster slot requires Operations Facilities Tier II, while the space roster slot requires Tier III.

Beginning Tips


The faction you choose will determine your choice of species, available ships, and social hubs, in addition to the storyline.

Your character profession determines the type of ship you’ll be best at flying. They are similar to classes, but not as strictly defined, as you’ll still be able to fly other ships, equip other armor, etc.

Make sure to spend your skill points when the game alerts you. This will greatly help you.

The ability and rank of your bridge officers will determine your ship’s abilities. Bridge officers can learn new abilities from Training Manuals.

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