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  • Genre: Racing, Simulator, Strategy
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,
  • First Release (Any platform): Oct 30, 2017

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Multiple Trailers Hints

You can use the crane to detach the medium trailer and pull it up onto the truck, which will also let you attach another trailer at the same time. You can even use the winch to pull another one, letting you effectively use three trailers at the same time, although you’ll need to work with them to use them properly (since they need to be officially attached to the truck for you to actually use them).

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Get launched away glitch Glitches

Keep in mind, this only works in multiplayer. When you hook up the rear ends of two cars and start accelerating and keep accelerating the car or truck will eventually get launched so hard away that you can even get stuck in the sky barrier and wont be able to come down.

By: Adrian Sidler   Comment   8

Easy Way to Win Quickly Hints

Grab a B-130 and a B-131, put the small log trailer on both, then the additional small/medium log trailer on both. Hook the B-130 up to the B-131 or any mud faring truck. And haul it to the Logging Place, switch trucks to load them fully. Then repeat the towing to the drop off. It's easy to do. And takes one load. 

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