Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 4, 2023
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
  • First Released: May 13, 2019

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Unlock More Sniper Rifles


You’ll have a single sniper rifle to start with, the Springfield, but as you play through the game, you’ll automatically unlock the Mosin Nagant and the Gewehr 43.

There are other rifles available as well, but only through DLC.

Once you have them unlocked, you can change your rifle in your loadout, which you can access during the mission briefing.

Sniper Decoy

Easter Eggs

On the third floor of the building near the start of the Opernplatz mission, you can look out the window and zoom in to see a sniper decoy in the window of the building across from you. This may be a reference to the movie Enemy at the Gates.

Basic Sniping/Stealth Tips


Take some time to explore the levels when you start a mission. Not only can you find collectibles this way, but it might also give you an edge in combat. You don’t always have to face your enemies head-on—finding a good sniping spot can give you the advantage of surprise.

On a similar note, stealth will be the key to your success. Some enemies can easily take you out, so you want to go undetected as often as possible. Crouching will make it harder for enemies to detect you, and it will also improve your aim and allow for stealth attacks. Therefore, instead of standing or running, crouch and remain stealthy whenever you can.

Crouching will also make you quieter when you move. This is important, because noise will attract enemies to your location. You can also use other noise to your advantage—a noise icon in the corner of the screen will alert you when there is loud noise that can mask your own sounds, including gunshots.

Always move with caution. In addition to crouching and sneaking, you will also want to check out a location before you move into it. Use your binoculars to check for nearby enemies, especially other snipers. High vantage points can be spots where enemy snipers are waiting. Keep a lookout for them and watch for the white flash that warns you a sniper is about to fire.

Since you’re a sniper, it is in your best interest to attack from range, as well. Enemies will be able to overpower you (and outnumber you), so you want to avoid close-range combat as much as possible. Fortunately, you have other weapons in your arsenal that can help you deal with this. Use landmines and other traps to protect yourself.

If you shoot an enemy near you, hide the body. If the body is discovered, it will alert the enemy that someone is in the area. You want to spend as much time undetected as possible to avoid dealing with reinforcements.

All Wine Bottle Locations


There are 37 Wine Bottle collectibles hidden throughout the missions. To collect a wine bottle, you must locate it and shoot it. The bottles are hidden in the following missions:

  • Prologue – 1 bottle
  • Schöneberg Convoy – 2 bottles
  • Mittelwerk Facility – 5 bottles
  • Kaiser-Friedrich Museum – 4 bottles
  • Opernplatz – 3 bottles
  • St. Olibartus Church – 4 bottles
  • Tiergarten Flak Tower – 3 bottles
  • Karlshorst Command Post – 5 bottles
  • Kreuzberg Headquarters – 4 bottles
  • Köpenick Launch Site – 3 bottles
  • Brandenburg Gate – 3 bottles

Some of them can be quite well-hidden. If you’re having trouble finding any of the wine bottles, use the video guide below to help you locate all of them.

All Gold Bar Locations


There are 100 Gold Bar collectibles hidden throughout the missions. When you find a gold bar, you can just walk up to it or over it to collect it. There are no gold bars in the prologue. Every mission after that has 10 gold bars each.

The gold bars can be difficult to pick up because they’re such small items, although they do glimmer. If you’re having trouble finding any of the gold bars, use the video guide below to help you locate all of them.

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