Saints Row IV Unlockables on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 25, 2022

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Gat Out of Hell Weapon Unlockables


Seven special weapons, one representing each of the Seven Deadly Sins, can be unlocked in various ways.

  • Armchair-A-Geddon (Sin: Sloth) - Unlock all four powers to be able to complete a quest called "Take a Break." Then go up to the rooftops, find a reclining chair, and interact with it.
  • Diamond Sting (Sin: Greed) - This can be purchased for $100,000.
  • Last Supper (Sin: Gluttony) - At each of the three Tacos Malos restaurants in New Hades, you can interact with Dane at the drive-thru to get the pieces to build this.
  • Ark Of The Covenant (Sin: Wrath) - You have to fight Professor Genki in New Hades. He will only appear if your Notoriety is at Level 6, and possibly only if you've killed 10 Arch Dukes.
  • Boom Chicka (Sin: Lust) - The Blackbeard Ally quest unlocks Treasure Chest tasks. Complete them by finding all fifteen glyphs and five Treasure Chests to receive this as a reward.
  • Uriel's Edge (Sin: Envy) - Go to the new teleport area that will show up once you convert the five Marshaling Grounds in New Hades.
  • Gallows Dodger (Sin: Pride) - Kill Dex seven times. You can do this when he spawns in the street once you have William Shakespeare's power.

Secret Ending and Collectible Finder


Once you complete Matt Miller's "The Pledge" quest, you will get the Collectible Finder upgrade.

If you finish all of the Loyalty missions before you begin "Punch the Shark," you will unlock a secret ending. There are 6 Loyalty missions:

  • Girls Night Out (Shaundi)
  • King Of The Dance (Ben King)
  • Nytefall (Matt Miller)
  • Pump Up the Volume (Pierce)
  • SR3 Wrap-Up (Johnny Gat)
  • The Girl Who Beat Cyrus (Kinzie Kensington)
  • Training Day (Asha)

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